What is Xxxtentacion Favorite Color

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Most people have a favorite color, but not everyone knows why they like that color. For some, it’s simply because they find it aesthetically pleasing. Others might feel that their favorite color reflects their personality or makes them feel good when they see it.

For rapper XXXTentacion, his favorite color is black. In an interview with XXL Magazine, he explained that black is “the absence of all colors” and that he relates to it because he feels like he’s “in between everything.” He also mentioned that black represents power and strength, two things that are important to him.

While XXXTentacion may have a deep connection to the color black, there are plenty of other people who simply enjoy the way it looks. Whether you wear all black or just incorporate it into your wardrobe occasionally, there’s no denying that this shade can be stylish and chic.

Xxxtentacion’s favorite color is black. He has said in interviews that he feels more comfortable and connected to the color black than any other color. He often wears black clothing and has even dyed his hair black in the past.

His love for the color black seems to be deeply rooted and is likely due to his personal experiences and beliefs.

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Rappers Favorite Color

If you ask any rapper what their favorite color is, the answer would likely be “blue.” This is because blue is associated with money, power, and success – all things that rappers aspire to. Blue also has a calming effect, which can be helpful when dealing with the stress of the music industry.

Other popular colors among rappers include white (for purity and perfection) and red (for energy and passion).

What is Juice Wrld Favorite Color

Juice Wrld, who’s real name is Jarad Anthony Higgins, was born on December 2, 1998 in Chicago, Illinois. He was raised on the south side of the city in the Englewood neighborhood. His mother worked as a teacher’s assistant while his father was a house painter.

Juice Wrld began using drugs at a young age, starting with marijuana when he was just 11 years old. He would eventually move on to harder drugs like Xanax and codeine-based cough syrup. In an interview with XXL Magazine, he said that he started taking drugs because he felt like it helped him deal with his anxiety and depression.

As for Juice Wrld’s favorite color, it appears to be purple. This is based off of several pieces of evidence. First, in an interview with NME, Juice Wrld said that his favorite color is “a tie between black and purple”.

Second, many of Juice Wrld’s songs contain references to the color purple. For example, in the song “Lucid Dreams” he says “I still see your shadows in my room / Can’t take back the love that I gave you / It’s to the point where I love and hate you And I cannot change you so maybe I should just leave you Purple heart”. Third, when asked by a fan what his favorite color was on Twitter, Juice Wrld replied “purple”.

So there you have it! Purple is most likely Juice Wrld’s favorite color.

Lil Peep Favorite Color

What was Lil Peep’s favorite color? This is a question that many fans have been asking since the rapper’s untimely death in 2017. While there is no clear answer, there are some clues that suggest what his favorite color may have been.

Lil Peep was known for his unique fashion sense, often rocking bright and bold colors. He was also known for his love of tattoos, which often featured brightly colored ink. In an interview with Pitchfork in 2016, he revealed that his favorite tattoo was a rainbow-colored skull on his right forearm.

“I got it because I wanted something colorful,” he said of the tattoo. “I like all colors.” This seems to suggest that Lil Peep’s favorite color was likely something bright and cheerful – perhaps a hue from the rainbow palette.

However, it’s also possible that he simply liked all colors equally and didn’t have a specific favorite. Fans will never know for sure what Lil Peep’s favorite color was, but we can continue to speculate and remember him through his colorful art and fashion.

What is Xxxtentacion Real Name

Xxxtentacion’s real name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy. He was born on January 23, 1998 in Plantation, Florida. His parents were Jamaican immigrants who divorced when he was young.

He has four half-siblings from his mother’s side of the family. Xxxtentacion spent most of his childhood living with his grandmother in Pompano Beach, Florida. He began writing music as a teenager and released his first song on SoundCloud in 2014.

Over the next few years, he released a series of mixtapes and EPs that helped him build a following online. In 2017, he released his debut album 17 which debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. The album included the single “Look at Me” which reached the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Xxxtentacion was arrested several times during his career and faced multiple felony charges including domestic violence and witness tampering. He was shot and killed in 2018 after leaving a motorcycle dealership in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

What is Xxxtentacion Favorite Color

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How Old is Xxtentacion Right Now?

XXTentacion was born on January 23, 1998 and is currently 21 years old.

What is Billie Eilish’S Favourite Colour?

Billie Eilish’s favourite colour is green. She has said in interviews that she loves the colour because it reminds her of nature and life.


The late rapper, XXXTentacion, had a favorite color and it was yellow. He liked the color because it was happy and cheerful. XXXTentacion’s mother has said that the color reminded her of her son’s personality.

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