How To Create A Fresh, Natural Looking Burnt Orange Hair Color On Your Own Naturally!

By Sharon R. Lee

The color of your hair can change your appearance in a major way. Did you know that the shade of your hair can say a lot about who you are? You’ll find that people associate certain colors with certain personality traits. For example, people might think you’re creative, dynamic, and bold if you have dark brown hair. But if you have blonde hair, they might think you’re fun-loving and easy to please. That being said, it’s important to figure out what type of personality you want to portray before choosing a new hair color.

There are many different colors to choose from, but which one do you want? Orange is a great alternative color because it goes well with any skin tone and brings out the green in your eyes. And best of all, it's natural! In this blog post, I'm going to teach you how to create a fresh, natural-looking burnt orange hair color on your own naturally!

Why you should color your hair burnt orange?

People often ask me, "Why would you want to dye your hair orange?" And honestly? It sounds ridiculous. But let's face it: color is a part of our lives. Whether we're wearing red lipstick or dark brown hair, there are always ways to spice up our appearance.

And if you're looking for something different, why not try a new hue? There are so many colors to choose from! It's easy to find one that will make you stand out while still staying true to your natural beauty. But what do you really need to know about burnt orange hair color?

It'll change your life.

Burnt orange is the perfect color for adding some sizzle into any outfit without going overboard. It makes people think twice before they start talking trash about your hair because they'll be too busy admiring how gorgeous it looks in the light!

How to make your own natural burnt orange hair color

To make your own natural burnt orange hair color, you'll need a few different ingredients. You'll need an egg yolk, 1 tbsp. of sugar, 1/2 tsp. of cornstarch, and 2 tbsp. of water to start off with.

  • First, mix the sugar and cornstarch in a small bowl until they're well combined.
  • Next, mix in the water slowly until it feels like a loose paste.
  • Then, gently stir the egg yolk into the mixture until it is coated evenly.
  • Finally, heat up some vegetable oil or coconut oil on a pan set over medium-high heat and brush your hair with it to ensure that it's evenly covered in the mixture before applying the color spray you have selected (we recommend using OPI Natural Nail Color).
  • When done correctly your hair should have a shiny finish and smell delicious!


If you want to try this at home, it will require some patience and practice. It takes several weeks before your hair color begins to fade, so don't expect instant results.

The best time to get a burnt orange hair color is when you have naturally dark brown or black hair. You'll need to go through a few rounds of bleaching to achieve the desired effect.

Step 1: Apply bleach. To create the look of burnt orange hair, start with a light blonde base. This will give you a lighter tone and make the color pop. Use a good quality professional-grade bleach diluted with water.

Step 2: Rinse. Once you've applied the bleach, rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. This step removes any leftover bleach and helps prevent staining.

Step 3: Dry. After rinsing, towel dry your hair as usual. When you do this, you'll notice that the color comes off easily. That's because the bleach has already been absorbed by the hair.

Step 4: Add highlights. Lighten up the color even further by adding highlights. For example, if you'd like to add a subtle hint of yellow to your hair, use a highlighter containing golden tones.

Step 5: Finish. Once you've achieved the desired color, apply a leave-in conditioner to help keep your hair healthy and strong.


The best way to care for burnt orange hair is by using a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored hair. These products contain ingredients that protect against damage caused by heat styling and color processing. They'll also help keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant.

You should avoid using regular shampoos and conditioners on your hair. They may not work well with the added chemicals used during the coloring process.

To maintain a healthy head of hair, follow these tips:

  • Wash your hair regularly. Shampoo once every three days and condition every other day.
  • Keep your hair clean. Dirt can cause your hair to lose its shine and luster.
  • Avoid harsh weather conditions. Heat and humidity can lead to split ends and breakage.
  • Protect your hair from direct sunlight. The sun can cause premature aging and discoloration.
  • Don’t overuse chemical treatments. Overprocessing can strip away moisture and weaken your strands.
  • Take breaks when working with heat tools. Try to limit exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Let your hair air dry after washing. Wet hair is much easier to damage than dry hair.
  • Look for gentle products. Products with sulfate-free formulas won't strip your hair of essential oils.

How to dye your hair burnt orange

There are many ways to dye your hair burnt. Orange hair dyes come in different colors and shades. Some people prefer a brighter, bolder version of the color while others opt for a subtler, softer version. Here are some ideas to consider when choosing a hair color:

1. Choose a warm-toned orange. A warm-toned orange is a rich, warm tone that looks great on darker skin tones.

2. Go for a cool-toned orange. Cool-toned oranges tend to be bluer, which makes them ideal for those who have medium to dark brown hair.

3. Opt for a neutral-toned orange. Neutral-toned oranges are often described as "beige." They look great on most skin tones and can be worn year-round.

4. Play around with the color. You don't need to stick to one particular shade. Experiment with different variations of the same color to find ones that suit you best.

5. Use a multi-shade kit. Multi-shades kits allow you to mix and match several shades of the same color to create your own unique look.

6. Mix it up. There are so many different options available that you can always change things up.

7. Think about how long you want to wear your new hair color. Do you plan to wear it for a few weeks? Months? Years?

# Copper Burnt Orange Locks

A copper-based product will give you long-lasting results. It's important to note though that if you're going for a natural look then it may not suit you. If you want to achieve a more dramatic style, then this type of treatment is ideal.

# Fade to Peach Color Melt

This is one of the most popular treatments I offer at The Beauty Spot. It gives you a gorgeous peach glow that lasts all day!

Burnt orange natural hair dye

This amazing color comes from mixing beetroot juice with henna powder. It's great if you're looking for a natural way to dye your hair a rich, warm orange shade. The only downside is that it takes several weeks to achieve the desired result.

Golden Honey Dye

Golden honey is another great option for those wanting to get their hair a vibrant orange hue. It also has a lovely sheen that adds a lot of shine to your locks.

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair coloring is a technique where you gradually lighten your hair over time. This creates a gradient effect that's very flattering on almost everyone.

Red Hair Color

Red hair is a classic choice for women everywhere. From brunette to blonde, there's something about the fiery hue that really brings out your features.

Orange Hair Highlights

Orange hair highlights are a fun way to change up your usual blonde or brunette look. You can use these as a base color or you can combine them with other hues to create a unique new look.

Burnt Orange Blonde Hair Color

Blondes often struggle with finding the right shade of blonde because it tends to wash out easily. To combat this problem, try using a darker version of your normal color.

Burnt orange hair dye for dark hair

I've used this recipe to create many different shades of orange, including burnt orange, ochre, tangerine, and lemon. They all look fantastic but they take a long time to dry so you'll need to keep them in mind when planning your next hairdressing appointment!

Burnt orange hair color for black hair

Black hair doesn't have much range when it comes to colors. However, if you're looking for something a little brighter than brown, burnt orange is the way to go.

Burnt orange highlights

The key to highlighting your hair is to choose a color that suits your skin tone. If you have fair skin, then you should avoid anything too intense. Instead, opt for subtle highlights that bring out your complexion.

Burnt orange hair color formula

This is a great way to experiment with coloring without having to spend hours waiting for it to dry. Just mix a few drops of each color into a small amount of shampoo and conditioner and apply to wet strands. Leave for 5 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly.

Burnt orange hairstyles

You can play around with this look by adding some curls or twists to the ends of your hair. Or, you could even try dying your hair completely orange and then going back to your regular color once it's dried.

Burnt orange haircuts

There are lots of ways to wear this gorgeous shade. Try it as a top knot, a side part, or as a full head of hair.

Burnt orange wigs

If you want to make a statement with your hair, consider wearing a wig made from this color. There are plenty of options available online.

Hair Shade For Black Females

Dark scorched orange bob can wonderfully help you mount your face. Keep the strands getting to the chin, and also they will certainly produce the illusion of a much less chubby face. You can even enhance the appearance by styling a couple of black lowlights.

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Scorched orange hair shades don't get a great deal of play, and that's a pity. Due to the fact that charred orange often tends to look greater than a little red, it's an unbelievably versatile color. Lighter, cool-toned hair shades will usually transfer higher blue pigments onto the hair. Words like "ash" can show the hair shade is cooler. The subtle highlights and also lowlights combined in with this bold base color make this hairdo. Different tones of orange as well as red collaborated to create a risky auburn hue.

Whitening your hair can cause splitting, frizz, and dryness. We have actually got 22 pointers to moisten your hair and also enhance texture. Alex Potemkin/Getty ImagesWe include products we think work for our readers.

You do not see such a dynamic color combo extremely typically. Right after the orange shade fades, it will certainly obtain a charred orangey hair look when it reduces your time in between you touch ups. This is an actually one-of-a-kind but sexy appearance which does not just sitmulate your confidence, but additionally attract other individuals to speak about it. This would be a best hair shade selection for this summer time. Think use, try it as well as you will certainly see the surprising result.

burnt orange hair color african american

Finally, the hair changes to a blonde shade with orange tones in the direction of the ideas. It is a gorgeous shade mix and also all the tones compliment each various other flawlessly. We enjoy this hairdo and it is excellent for those that want to attempt orange in a subtler way.

Tips and tricks for styling your hair to keep it looking fresh and natural.

Here, I'll teach you how to create a fresh and natural-looking burnt orange hair color. This is a great natural alternative to other colors that can be hard on your hair.

First of all, you want to take the time to figure out what type of hair you have. If your hair is fine or thin, then it's going to need more care than if your hair is thicker and fuller. And if your hair is curly or wavy, find out which ends curl up the most so that you can style them accordingly.

Next, start with washing your hair and then use a deep conditioner on wet strands before drying it naturally with a towel. To help make sure your hair looks fresh, use an apple cider vinegar rinse two or three times per week. This will help reset the pH levels in your scalp which will promote healthy growth on the roots of your hair!

When styling your new look, don't overdo it! If you're not ready to commit to a whole new look just yet, try keeping it casual by going for loose waves or braids instead of putting too much effort into styling your new color.


Want to try a new hair color? Try a fresh, natural, and vibrant shade of burnt orange! You'll be able to create this color at home with some simple DIY tricks!

In conclusion, burnt orange hair color is a bold, yet versatile choice that will add a splash of personality to your appearance. Whether you're looking for a dramatic change or something subtle, this hue will definitely turn heads.

Hair color is one of the most important things that we do to our looks. We always want to look good and feel beautiful. So, why not try out new hairstyles? In fact, there are numerous ways to change your hair color.

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