How Far is Frederick Colorado from Denver

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If you’re planning a road trip from Denver to Frederick, you may be wondering how far apart the two cities are. Frederick is located about 35 miles north of Denver, making it a fairly quick and easy drive between the two cities. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when making the drive.

First, there is a significant difference in elevation between Denver and Frederick, so you may want to take that into account when packing your vehicle. Secondly, while the drive itself is not particularly difficult, there is construction taking place on I-25 between Loveland and Fort Collins which could add some time to your trip. Lastly, if you’re driving during winter weather conditions, be sure to check the forecast and road conditions before heading out.

If you’re planning a road trip to Denver, you may be wondering how far Frederick Colorado is from the Mile High City. The answer may surprise you – it’s only about an hour drive! That means you can easily make a day trip out of exploring all that Frederick has to offer, and still have plenty of time to enjoy everything that Denver has to offer as well.

Frederick is a historic small town located in the Front Range of Colorado. The town is home to a number of interesting shops and restaurants, as well as a few art galleries. There’s also a great hiking trail that leads up to Mount Arapaho, which offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

So if you find yourself with some extra time while visiting Denver, or if you’re looking for a fun day trip destination, be sure to add Frederick Colorado to your list!

How Far is Frederick Colorado from Denver?

What is Frederick Colorado Known For?

Frederick, Colorado is a small town located in the north-central part of the state. The town was founded in 1864 and named for Frederick Law Olmsted, a famous landscape architect. Today, Frederick is known for its small-town charm and its proximity to both Denver and Boulder.

The town offers a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as parks and recreation opportunities. Frederick is also home to several breweries, making it a great destination for craft beer lovers.

Is Frederick Colorado a Good Place to Live?

Frederick is a small town in Colorado with a population of about 11,000 people. The town is located just north of Denver and is part of the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area. Frederick has a median household income of $85,000 and the cost of living is 8% higher than the national average.

The town has a warm summer climate with an average July high temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Frederick is known for its historic downtown area which includes many shops and restaurants. The town also has several parks and trails that offer residents opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Overall, Frederick Colorado is considered a good place to live due to its affordable housing, proximity to Denver, and overall quality of life.

What is Frederick Colorado Close To?

If you’re looking for a small town feel with easy access to the big city, then Frederick might be the perfect place for you. Located in Colorado’s Front Range, just north of Denver, Frederick is a growing community with a population of over 10,000 people. While it’s close enough to enjoy all that the Mile High City has to offer, Frederick still has its own unique charm.

Main Street is lined with quaint shops and restaurants, and there are plenty of parks and trails nearby for outdoor recreation. The town is also home to several breweries and distilleries, as well as the popular Butterfly Pavilion. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder Frederick is one of the fastest growing communities in Colorado!

How Far Apart are Aspen And Denver?

Aspen and Denver are about 100 miles apart.

How Far is Breckenridge from Denver?

Breckenridge is an amazing mountain town located just a short drive from Denver. Although it may seem like a world away, Breckenridge is actually only about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Denver. This makes it the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are plenty of things to do in Breckenridge, from hiking and biking in the summer to skiing and snowboarding in the winter. No matter what time of year you visit, you’re sure to find something to love about this charming town.

How Far is Frederick Colorado from Denver


How Far is Frederick, Colorado from Boulder Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is about 27 miles northwest of Frederick, Colorado. The drive between the two cities takes about 45 minutes via I-25 N.

How Far is Frederick Colorado from My Location

Assuming you would like a blog post about the town of Frederick, Colorado: Frederick is a small town located in Weld County, Colorado. It is situated just east of Interstate 25, about halfway between Denver and Fort Collins.

According to the 2010 census, the population of Frederick was 10,679. The town was named after Colonel Jacob D. Frederick who settled in the area in 1864. He established a stagecoach stop and trading post along St. Vrain Creek which quickly became a popular resting spot for travelers.

The first permanent building in Frederick was constructed in 1881 and by 1900, the town had grown to include several businesses and churches. In recent years, Frederick has undergone something of a transformation. Once a sleepy farming community, it is now home to many high-tech companies and residential developments.

Despite this growth, Frederick still retains its small-town feel with plenty of parks and open spaces for residents to enjoy. So how far is Frederick from your location? If you’re coming from Denver, it’s about 43 miles or around a 45-minute drive (without traffic).

If you’re coming from Fort Collins, it’s approximately 34 miles or a little over 30 minutes away (again without traffic). No matter where you’re coming from though, Frederick makes for a great day trip or weekend getaway!

How Far is Frederick Colorado from Fort Collins Colorado

If you’re planning a road trip from Frederick, Colorado to Fort Collins, Colorado, you may be wondering how far it is between the two cities. The answer is approximately 74 miles via I-25 N. The drive time would be about 1 hour and 20 minutes under normal conditions. However, depending on traffic and weather conditions, the drive time could be significantly longer.

So if you’re planning to make the trip between Frederick and Fort Collins, it’s best to give yourself plenty of time and plan for potential delays.


If you’re looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of Denver, look no further than Frederick, Colorado. Just a short drive up I-25, Frederick is the perfect place to enjoy small-town charm while still being close to all the big city has to offer. And with so many things to do in both Frederick and Denver, you’ll never be bored.

So whether you’re looking for a day trip or a weekend getaway, Frederick is the perfect destination.

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