The Secret to Emily Wickersham’s Natural Hair Color

By Sharon R. Lee

Emily Wickersham is a well known actress, best known for her roles in NCIS and Gone Girl. Her natural hair color is a beautiful shade of ash blonde with subtle highlights that give her an ethereal glow.

If you’ve ever wondered how she gets her signature look, we have the answer. Keep reading to find out all about Emily Wickersham’s natural hair color!

Emily’s Natural Hair Color – Ash Blonde

Emily is a natural ash blonde. This means that she has medium-light brown hair with slightly lighter highlights.

It is a very subtle color that looks both natural and glamorous on her pale skin tone. Her hair also has hints of light reddish-brown tones which add to its overall beauty.

How She Maintains Her Color

In order to maintain her signature look, Emily turns to professional haircare products and services such as root touch-ups and gloss treatments.

These treatments help keep her color looking vibrant and fresh while also helping to prevent it from fading over time. Additionally, she often visits the salon for regular trims in order to keep her hair healthy and free from split ends or damage.

Her Styling Secrets

In addition to maintaining the color of her hair, Emily also takes steps to ensure that it looks its best every day.

She starts by using a deep conditioning mask once a week followed by an oil treatment before blow drying or styling with hot tools like curling irons or flat irons.

Additionally, she likes to use heat protectant spray before using any heat styling tools in order to protect her hair from potential damage caused by high temperatures.

Finally, she always finishes off any styling routine with hairspray or other finishing products in order to achieve the perfect polished look!


Emily Wickersham’s natural ash blonde hair color is truly stunning! By combining professional haircare treatments with the right products and styling techniques, she is able to maintain this beautiful look day after day without having to sacrifice the health of her hair in the process.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own hairstyle or just admirers of Emily’s beautiful locks, learning more about how she maintains her gorgeous hue can be very helpful!

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