5 Lifesaving Tips To Transform Your Projects with Dupli Color

By Sharon R. Lee

Have you ever felt like you needed something to transform your projects but didn’t know what it was? Did you know that Dupli Color products can do the trick?

From auto touch-up and specialty paints to vinyl and fabric coatings, Dupli Color has the perfect solution for all of your project needs. Let’s take a look at five lifesaving tips on how to use Dupli Color products. 

5 Lifesaving Tips: Things You Can Do With Dupli Color

Tip #1: Use Specialty Paints for Home Repair Projects 

Dupli Color offers a variety of specialty paints that are perfect for home repair projects. Whether you are looking to spruce up an old dresser or need to touch up some areas around the house, these specialty paint products have you covered.

Choose from several different finishes like gloss, flat, metallic, and satin and get the job done right. Plus, their easy-to-follow instructions make it simple to apply the paint so that you get great results. 

Tip #2: Refresh Your Vehicle with Auto Touch-up Paint 

If your vehicle is looking a bit dull, try using Dupli Color auto touch-up paint to give it a fresh new look. This product comes in a variety of colors and makes applying paint easier than ever before. Simply clean and sand the area that needs touching up and then use the applicator included in the kit to apply the paint evenly over the surface. Once dry, your car will look as good as new! 

Tip #3: Restore Your Plastic Parts with Vinyl & Fabric Coatings 

If your plastic parts need some TLC, Dupli Color vinyl & fabric coatings have got you covered. Their selection includes aerosol sprays that can be used on interior or exterior surfaces such as bumpers and trim pieces.

Not only does this help restore faded plastic parts back to life but also helps protect them from future damage caused by UV rays or harsh weather conditions. This is certainly something worth considering if you want your plastic parts looking brand new again!  

Tip #4: Create Customized Graphics with Decal Films 

Decal films are a great way to customize any project – from cars and boats to windows and walls – without much effort or expense. These decal films come in various sizes so they can fit just about anything, even small surfaces like laptops or phones!

Creating custom designs is now possible thanks to Dupli Color’s wide range of decal films which feature vibrant colors and detailed graphics that last for years without fading or peeling off. 

Tip #5: Make Any Project Shine With Clear Coats 

Dupli Color’s clear coats are ideal for adding a glossy finish to any project – from furniture pieces to vehicles – giving them a professional look with minimal work involved!

Their clear coats come in varying levels of glossiness so you can choose exactly how shiny you want your finished product to be while protecting it against dirt and debris over time. A quick application of one of their clear coats will instantly transform any project into something truly special!  


There are endless possibilities when it comes to transforming projects with Dupli Color products! From auto touch-up paint for vehicles, decal films for customized graphics, clear coats for extra shine, vinyl & fabric coatings for restoring plastic parts, and specialty paints for home repair projects – there is no shortage of options at Dupli Color no matter what kind of project needs attention! So go ahead – explore all that they have available today and start bringing your creativity alive with these amazing products!

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