Product Review: Bed Armor from Dupli-Color

By Sharon R. Lee

If you've ever been to a truck show, you know that there's a lot of pride in the way people take care of their trucks.

It makes sense: trucks are big, expensive investments, and it doesn't make much sense to buy one if you're not going to take care of it.

But what if your truck has a problem? What if something happens while you're driving that could leave your bed damaged or even destroy it completely? Bed Armor from Dupli-Color is here to help with just those kinds of issues.

Dupli-Color Bed Armor

Dupli-Color Bed Armor is a spray-on coating that protects the bed of your truck. It's made from a rubberized material that provides both durability and flexibility.

The Bed Armor product range includes two products: the original formula, which works on all surfaces; and the HD version, which has an extra layer of protection for heavy-duty applications like hauling loads or off-roading.

Both formulas are available in either gloss black or satin silver/gray finish, so you're sure to find one that matches your needs!

Dupli-Color Truck Bed Coating

Dupli-Color Truck Bed Coating is a spray-on truck bed liner that’s easy to apply and provides long-lasting protection. The ultra-high bond clear coating sticks to your truck bed, withstanding temperatures up to 300°F (149°C).

This coating will help prevent rust and corrosion, while also keeping your cargo safe from dirt, grime and scratches. It comes in two formulas: Regular (for flexible surfaces) or Extreme (for hard substrates like fiberglass or steel).

The application process is simple: just spray on 2 coats of the product per package instructions.

Once you've applied both coats of Dupli-(Product Name), let them dry for 3–5 minutes before moving on to step 2 wiping off excess product with a clean cloth. 

When done properly, this will create a smooth finish that you can use for up to five years—the equivalent of about 100 car washes!

Dupli-Color Sprayable Truck Bed Liner

If you’re looking for a way to protect your truck bed from dents, this is a great solution. It’s easy to use, and it lasts a long time.

Dupli-Color Sprayable Truck Bed Liner can be sprayed inside or outside of your vehicle. It can even be sprayed on the tailgate and wheel wells. When it comes time to clean off your vehicle, just hose it off with warm water!

This product is great.

Bed Armor is a spray-on bed liner that makes your truck bed look great and protect it from dents, scratches and rust.

The Bed Armor kit comes with everything you need to apply the liner: two cans of spray-on liner, two foam brushes, two hand towels, two plastic scraper tools and instructions on how to use them.

The instructions are pretty detailed but easy enough for anyone who can read English to follow them (no previous experience required).

Bed Armor comes out of the can in an aerosol spray form similar to paint cans or hairspray. It goes on quickly and easily with little mess or overspray onto surrounding areas.

The texture is smooth but not slippery like some other liners I've used before with similar technology do tend toward being slippery when wet or dry so it's best not try any high speed maneuvers while driving unless you're sure it won't affect your ability control vehicle safely


Bed Armor from Dupli-Color is a great product for anyone who needs to protect their truck bed. It can be sprayed on, or you can use the sprayable liner if you want something even easier. It's also affordable and easy to apply when compared with other products on the market today.

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