Dodge Ram Reverse Light Wire Color 2023

By Sharon R. Lee

Your Dodge Ram reverse light bulb is the most important part of your tail light system. For this reason, it’s important to know how to replace it correctly and safely.

In this guide we will be taking you through the process of changing out your reverse lights by first removing the bulb from its housing, then removing the entire assembly from underneath your truck's rear bumper.

Once we have access to the back of the bulb itself, we'll need to remove it from its socket before installing our new replacement reverse light bulb.

Start by removing the tail light lens and the bulb socket.

You will need to remove the tail light lens and bulb socket before you can access the reverse light wires. To begin, place a towel or rag under your vehicle so that you don't get oil or grease on your driveway or garage floor.

You should also wear safety glasses as this process involves using small tools that may shoot out when working near them.

Remove the tail light lens by gently pressing down on it in one small area and pulling up slowly until it pops off.

Remove the bulb from its socket by pressing down on either side of it until it releases from its housing, then gently pull out of socket without touching contact points inside (this will prevent damage).

Once removed there are two screws that hold the bulb assembly in place disconnect the electrical connector and remove the whole assembly.

Once you have removed the bulb socket, you need to disconnect the electrical connector. This will allow you to remove the whole assembly. To do this, locate the screws on the back of your Dodge Ram reverse light's bulb socket and remove them by hand or with a Philips screwdriver.

You can then pull out the bulb sockets and bulbs together in one piece, so long as you don't let go of that electrical connector before doing so!

The next step is removing all of these parts from their location inside your vehicle and installing them back into place with new bulbs installed in both sockets (and a brand new battery).

Start by disconnecting any wiring harnesses from either side of each bulb socket; these are usually located on top or bottom depending upon whether they're installed horizontally or vertically within your housing unit's inner workings.

After unplugging those connectors from their original positions there will still be one more thing holding those things down: two small screws! These screws are located at opposite ends of each double-socket assembly so take care not to mix up which goes where when reassembling.

You can now see the back of the reverse light bulb.

Now that you have removed the lens, you can see the back of the reverse light bulb. The back of it is sealed and you cannot get to any wires without breaking this seal. In fact, even if you did break it, accessing the wires would be impossible because they are not accessible until you remove a lot more stuff from your truck. So don't worry about breaking anything!

You may want to test these wires with a circuit tester as well. This will tell us whether they are hot (on) or not (off).

The wire colors on your truck may be different so utilize a circuit tester to test your wires.

If you don't have a circuit tester, use a multimeter to test the wires.

To test your wires, touch the probes of your multimeter to each of the wires that are supposed to be connected. If it lights up and says 12 or 24 volts (depending on what your car has), then it is connected properly.

Otherwise, if it doesn't say anything and doesn't light up, then there is no connection between those two points and you will need to trace the problem down further by tracing out each wire from its point of origin back until your find another place where they connect together.

Dodge Ram Reverse Light Wire Color 2013

The color of the wire will be different for each vehicle, year, make and model. The best way to tell if your Dodge Ram reverse light bulb is out is to check your owner’s manual.

It will have a list of all of the bulbs in your car and their corresponding colors. You can purchase a replacement bulb at any auto parts store or even Home Depot or Lowes if you know what size it needs to be (look at the old one).


That's it! you're done. The reverse light should now work properly and you can put everything back together. Remember to always test your wires with a circuit tester before connecting any electrical components.

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