Crayola Reveals Its Next Amazing Light Bulb Collectible

By Sharon R. Lee

We've been waiting for this moment since last summer, when we saw the first crayola novelty item: a snow globe that looks like a crayon.

And now, finally, we have an even more exciting announcement for you. Crayola is releasing its next amazing collectible: a color-changing light bulb. It's part of a collection of crayola novelty items they're calling Color Your Way Home and will be available at Target stores starting in January 2020 (but you can pre-order it here).

The heat from the light makes the color change—and there are three different colors: blue, yellow and red/orange.

Crayola is releasing a color-changing light bulb.

You may not know it, but Crayola has been making a line of novelty items for years. If you've ever seen one of their color-changing light bulbs, you know what I'm talking about.

They've got everything from a real-life version of Silly Putty (which is actually pretty cool) to an ice cream maker shaped like a crayola marker that's actually edible!

As part of this tradition, Crayola is releasing their next amazing collectible: A color changing light bulb.

The heat from the light makes the color change.

The crayola light bulbs, like the other novelty items in the collection, are made of real glass and have a rubberized coating to protect them from the elements. They will be available at Target stores this summer.

The concept behind these bulbs is simple: electrical current flows through wires inside them and heats up an element that's designed to change color when heated.

A small amount of water vapor condenses on top of the element, cooling it down again so that it can cycle through its entire spectrum of hues repeatedly until you turn off your light switch or set your bulb aside for another time.

The heat from the light makes the color change. This is how most incandescent light bulbs work—but unlike those old-fashioned bulbs, these new ones come with a distinct brand name stamped upon them and are part of Crayola's new toy line for kids ages 4+.

it's part of a collection of crayola novelty items.

What you need to know about this new light bulb is that it's part of a collection of crayola novelty items.

The company has been releasing exciting products for over 100 years now, and this latest release is just the latest in a long line of light bulbs that are also great collectibles.

The company has an impressive history as well. They were founded in 1903 by two cousins who were inspired by their grandfather's vision that children should be able to color outside the lines (and break all kinds of other rules too). Since then, they've grown into one of America's most beloved companies!

We want one!

We want one. We want to buy one. In fact, we'd like to see what this cool new light bulb looks like in action. And if you happen to be in the vicinity of a Crayola store or other retail outlet that's selling the product, don't be afraid to stop by and check it out!


With the Crayola Color-Changing LED Light Bulb, you can add a little light to your life! The heat from the bulb causes it to change colors. It's a fun novelty item that's sure to bring some color into your home or office.

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