LOOK: 10 Chargers Color Rush Jerseys You Can Buy Now

By Sharon R. Lee

The Los Angeles Chargers are getting a new look for their 2022-23 season, and if you're a fan of their color rush jerseys and want to sport some fresh gear this year, then you'll be happy to know that there are still plenty of leftover jerseys from the last time they wore them.

No. 17 Taysom Hill Color Rush Jersey (Navy)

The No. 17 Taysom Hill Color Rush Jersey (Navy) is a navy blue jersey that has a white collar and the number 17 on the front. It also has Taysom Hill's name on the front and NFL logos on both sleeves.

No. 10 Drew Brees Color Rush Jersey (White)

  • The jersey is white.

  • It's a color rush jersey.

  • The number 10 is on the jersey.

  • Drew Brees' name is on the jersey.

  • Drew Brees' number is on the jersey.

This item can be purchased directly from Amazon for $69.99!

No. 16 Michael Thomas Color Rush Jersey (Navy)

Michael Thomas is a wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints, who were founded in 1967. He was drafted in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft, and has been with the team since being drafted. The Saints have had some good seasons since then, including making it to Super Bowl XLIV (which they lost) as well as winning their division in 2018 after losing it in 2017.

Thomas has been to two Pro Bowls and was named All-Pro in 2018. This jersey will let you show off your pride for him on game day or any time you want to show off your fandom!

No. 12 Marquez Callaway Color Rush Jersey (White)

You can buy this jersey from Fanatics, who have a selection of Callaway’s rookie jerseys, including in the Titans primary colors.




No. 22 Alvin Kamara Color Rush Jersey (White)

Alvin Kamara is a running back for the New Orleans Saints. He was drafted in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft and played for his hometown team since then until this year, when he moved to Los Angeles to play for the Chargers.

At 5-10, 215 pounds, Alvin Kamara has been known for his versatility on offense. He won Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2017 after racking up 1,554 yards from scrimmage (607 rushing yards and 947 receiving yards) and 13 total touchdowns (3 rush TDs and 10 receiving TDs).

He followed that up with 826 yards from scrimmage as a runner and receiver last season before moving out west this year.

The 22-year-old Georgia native has been compared to Darren Sproles due to his size but also his ability as a pass catcher out of the backfield while also being able to run between tackles when called upon do so by opposing defenses looking at how they'll contain him next time around."

No. 29 Latavius Murray Color Rush Jersey (Navy)

You can now purchase a Latavius Murray Color Rush jersey in Navy.

The jersey is available in sizes small through 3XL, and it's officially licensed by the NFL. It has been made with 100 percent polyester fabric, which helps give the fabric its vibrant color while also providing comfort during game day.

The front of this jersey features your favorite player's name and number in white with a navy outline, while his number appears on both sleeves as well as on the back of the shirt (in white).

No. 93 Malcolm Roach Color Rush Jersey (White)

As a defensive end for the Chargers, Malcolm Roach plays a crucial role in their defense. He is on the active roster and was drafted by the Chargers in the 4th round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

At 6'4", 270 lbs, Roach plays college football at Auburn University with fellow Charger Gambling James Hundon.

Unlike most of the other Color Rush jerseys on this list, you can actually buy one right now at Fanatics or NFL Shop—and no one's going to notice if you don't get it right away because they're so limited!

No. 98 Trey Hendrickson Color Rush Jersey (White)

This is the jersey I wore when I first started playing in the NFL. It's a classic look and it always gets compliments. The numbers are bold and easy to read, but not so big that they detract from the overall design.

The 2021 Chargers will have lots of fresh looks for this upcoming season

The color rush jerseys are a great way to show off your team spirit. Not only will you look like a better fan, but your favorite team will likely look better too.

A few other things to remember:

  • You can't buy these jerseys online (yet).

  • They're not cheap. They range from $100-$300 each, so plan accordingly with how much money you want to spend on them and how many different Chargers jerseys you want in total.

  • The 2021 season is still two years away! There's no telling what new designs might be coming out then!


If you’re a Chargers fan, these jerseys are the perfect way to show off your team spirit. You can wear them to games and other events, or just hang them in your home as a reminder of how great Los Angeles is!

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