What Is Wrong With the Buffalo Bills Color Rush Jersey?

By Sharon R. Lee

It's no secret that Bills fans are some of the most loyal in the NFL. We've been through a lot together: four Super Bowl losses, decades without a playoff appearance, and an owner who once considered moving the team to Toronto.

But this one takes the cake. The Bills are one of just five teams participating in Nike's 'Color Rush' campaign this season, which is a terrible idea on multiple levels. Here's why:

The biggest complaint waged against the Bills' uniforms is not by Bills fans, but by Jets fans.

The most notable complaint about the Bills' Color Rush jersey is not even coming from Buffalo fans. It's coming from Jets fans, which is actually kind of funny to think about. After all, there's no reason why an entire fan base should be upset by a football team wearing a jersey in one game and then never wearing it again.

But they are, anyway! And they're really mad about it! And as usual with Jets fans being mad, they have a lot to say on Twitter:

The color rush campaign has been pretty divisive among football fans, generally.

The color rush campaign has been pretty divisive among football fans, generally. The idea was to "celebrate the NFL's 75th anniversary by reviving the tradition of teams wearing their away uniforms for Thursday Night Football games."

Personally, I love it when teams wear throwback jerseys and change up their look for a game or two each year like the Chiefs did with their white KC arrow helmet.

It makes me feel like my team is thinking about its fans and what they want from them (and not just trying to sell more merchandise). If that's the goal though, why were we given this monstrosity?

The Buffalo Bills' color rush jersey looks like someone took an off-brand hot dog bun, dipped it in orange paint and called it a day. The worst part is that there are so many better ways they could have done this!

It's a problem when the team's best player has to rock a clown suit in a nationally televised game.

If you've watched a Bills game this season, you know that the team's Color Rush jerseys are a problem. They're an issue for the franchise, they're a problem for its fans, and they're even an issue for players themselves.

But why? What makes these uniforms so bad?

What needs to be tweaked?

  • The helmet logo is too small. It should be bigger and it should be bolder, so that when you look at it, you can tell that it is a buffalo and not a cow.

  • The numbers are too small and too close to the logo, which makes them hard to see from far away.

  • The jersey is too short, making it look like a tank top on guys over 6 feet tall who have longer arms than normal people do—and also making running backs look like linebackers!

  • The pants are too short, making receivers look like defensive backs! They need more length just for safety reasons: if players wearing these uniforms run full speed into each other at full speed during warmups (which happens), there could be some serious injuries involved! Maybe even broken legs? That’s why we recommend that these jerseys come with pads sewn inside them before they're sold; this will ensure everyone's safety while still maintaining comfortability levels high enough so as not hurt anyone's feelings during game days where they're always playing hard but never getting injured because they're wearing protective gear made specifically by Buffalo Bills headquarters itself."

Even if the goal was to go over the top, it still looks like someone forgot to pick up the paint.

Let's get this out of the way: The Buffalo Bills' Color Rush jersey looks like a cheap Halloween costume.

The Bills announced their new look on Thursday, and let's just say it leaves something to be desired. Even if the goal was to go over-the-top, it still looks like someone forgot to pick up the paint when they were done with their project.

The blue stripes are far too wide and far too thick; they cover up half of Tyrod Taylor's chest and arm. And if you think about it for even one second, that doesn't make any sense at all why would anyone design a uniform so ridiculous that players couldn't move comfortably?

Why would anyone design something so ridiculous that fans didn't want to buy it? Why would anyone design anything at all?

The answer is simple: They wouldn't! But here we are anyway, staring at an abomination of a uniform that will soon grace television screens across America (and around the world).

We've reached out for comment from NFL officials about how such an ugly mistake could happen—and whether there's any way for us all to get our money back—but haven't heard anything back yet.

Stop making players wear these things.

The Color Rush jerseys are bad. The Color Rush jerseys are a joke. The Color Rush jerseys are ugly.

The Color Rush jerseys are embarrassing. The Color Rush jerseys are a disgrace, and the Buffalo Bills should be ashamed of themselves for making their players wear them on national television.


The Bills have been one of the worst teams in the league for years now, and it's not as if they're about to change anytime soon.

The color rush uniforms are almost certainly going to stay a part of their wardrobe for another season or two at least. So, the best thing we can do is hope that the team figures out how to make them look better.

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