How to Make Coloring Pages

By Sharon R. Lee

There are many ways that you can make coloring pages. You can use software like Photoshop or GIMP to create your own images, or you can find free online resources. If you want to create something truly unique, you can hand-draw your own pictures and then scan them into your computer.

Once you have your image, you need to decide what size it should be. A4 is a good standard size, but feel free to experiment. When it comes to choosing colors, try to use a limited palette so that your page doesn’t look too busy.

Stick to around five or six different colors, and use light and dark shades of each color. Once you have your basic page set up, start adding details like lines, shapes, and patterns. Be creative and have fun!

  • Choose the image you want to turn into a coloring page
  • This can be done by finding an image online or using one of your own pictures
  • Print out the image on a piece of paper
  • Trace over the lines of the image with a pencil to create a template for the coloring page
  • Make sure to use light pressure so that you can easily erase any mistakes
  • Cut out the tracing and use it to trace the design onto your chosen coloring page material
  • Again, use light pressure so that you can easily erase any mistakes
  • Color in the design using whatever medium you prefer!

How Do I Turn a Picture into a Coloring Page?

One of the easiest ways to turn a picture into a coloring page is to use an online tool like PicMonkey. With this tool, you can upload your own image or choose from a library of stock images. Once you have uploaded your image, you can then use the “Colorize” function to select a color palette for your coloring page.

You can also add text or other graphics to your coloring page using PicMonkey’s editing tools. Another option for turning a picture into a coloring page is to use Photoshop. With Photoshop, you can first convert your image into a line art drawing using the “Image Trace” function.

Once you have converted your image into line art, you can then add color to it using the Paint Bucket Tool. You can also add additional graphics or text to your coloring page in Photoshop. If you don’t have access to Photoshop or PicMonkey, there are still several ways that you can turn a picture into a coloring page.

One option is to use Microsoft Word’s “Insert Picture” function. Once you have inserted your picture into Word, you can then go to the “Format” tab and select “Recolor Picture” from the drop-down menu. This will bring up a dialogue box where you can select different color schemes for your coloring page.

Is There an App to Create Coloring Pages?

There are a few apps that you can use to create coloring pages. One is called ColorMe, and another is called Coloring Book for Me. Both of these apps allow you to create your own coloring pages from photos or images that you select.

How Do You Create a Colouring Page in Word?

If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your Word document, you can do so by creating a colouring page. Here’s how: 1. Start by opening up a new Word document.

2. Then, go to the Insert tab and click on the Shapes drop-down menu. 3. From here, choose the shape that you want to use for your colouring page. For example, you could use a rectangle or an oval.

4. Once you’ve inserted your chosen shape, it’s time to start adding some colours! To do this, go to the Format tab and click on the Shape Fill drop-down menu. 5. From here, you can choose from a variety of different colours for your shape.

Simply click on the colour that you want to use and it will be applied to your shape. 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your entire colouring page is complete!

Create Coloring Pages Free

There are a number of ways that you can create coloring pages for free. One way is to use online tools such as the ones provided by Crayola. Another way is to find templates for coloring pages online and print them out.

Finally, you can use software such as Photoshop to create your own custom coloring pages.

How to Make Coloring Pages in Procreate

Making coloring pages in Procreate is a great way to get creative with your iPad! Here’s how to do it: 1. Open Procreate and create a new canvas.

Choose the size you want your coloring page to be. 2. Use the brush tool to draw whatever design you want on your coloring page. You can use any colors you like!

3. Once you’re happy with your design, go to the Share menu and choose “Export as PNG.” This will save your coloring page as a file that can be opened in any image editing software. 4. Now open the exported PNG file in an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP.

Add a new layer underneath your drawing layer and fill it with a solid color. Then flatten the image and save it as a JPG or PDF file. And that’s it!

Now you have a printable coloring page that you can share with friends or family, or even sell online!

Canva Coloring Pages

Assuming you would like a blog post about Canva: Canva is a free online platform that allows users to create beautiful designs. One of the many features that Canva offers is coloring pages.

With Canva’s coloring pages, you can easily add color to your designs with just a few clicks. There are two ways to add color to your design with Canva’s coloring pages: first, you can click the “Add Color” button in the toolbar and then select the color you want from the palette; second, you can click on any element in your design and then use the “Fill” option in the right-hand panel to select a color. Once you’ve added color to your design, you can experiment with different color combinations by clicking on the “Edit Colors” button in the toolbar.

This will open up the Color Wheel, which shows all of the colors that are available in Canva. You can also use this tool to create custom colors for your design. Whether you’re creating a design for work or for fun, Canva’s coloring pages make it easy to add some personality and flair.

So go ahead and give it a try!

How to Make Coloring Pages to Sell on Etsy

If you’re an artist who loves to color, why not make some money from your passion? You can create and sell coloring pages on Etsy! Here’s how:

1. Decide what kind of design you want to create. Will it be abstract or geometric? Floral or nature-themed?

Consider what kinds of designs are popular with colorists. 2. Once you have a design in mind, sketch it out on paper or use a graphics program like Adobe Illustrator to create a digital version. 3. When your design is complete, print it out on heavy weight paper such as cardstock or Bristol board.

If you’re selling digital versions of your coloring pages, make sure to convert your file to a PDF before uploading it to Etsy. 4. Take some time to color your own page so that potential buyers can see what the finished product looks like. This will also help you determine if the colors you’ve chosen work well together and if the overall effect is pleasing.


This is a great activity for kids of all ages! Coloring pages are easy to make and can be used to teach colors, shapes, or even numbers and letters. Here’s how to make your own coloring pages:

1. Find some images that you want to use for your coloring pages. You can find these online or in magazines. 2. Print out the images on regular printer paper.

3. Get some crayons, markers, or colored pencils and start coloring!

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