How to Fix a Scratch on Your Car with Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In One

By Sharon R. Lee

If you’ve ever had a deep scratch on your car, you know how annoying it can be. The sight of the damage is unsightly and detracts from the appearance of your vehicle.

Fortunately, I recently discovered a product called Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In One that makes quick work of even the most stubborn scratches. Let me tell you about my experience using this product and how it changed the look of my car for the better.

My Experience with Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In One

I recently had a large, deep scratch on my car that I was unable to buff out with regular car wax or polish. I was getting frustrated until I discovered Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In One. It is a paint touch-up product designed specifically for scratches on cars, boats, and motorcycles.

It comes in many colors to match most vehicles and contains both primer and paint so you don’t have to buy separate products. The kit also includes an abrasive pad and applicator so you can easily apply the paint without having to use additional tools or materials.

How to Fix a Scratch on Your Car with Dupli-Color

First Step: Cleaning

I started by cleaning the area around the scratch with a damp cloth and some rubbing alcohol. This was important because it removed any dust or dirt from around the area which could interfere with getting a good finish.

It also served as an initial test of how deep the scratch was; if it still showed after cleaning then I knew I would need something more than wax to fill in the scratch and restore its appearance.

Second Step: Applying The Paint Pen

The next step was to use the paint pen that came with Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In One. Inside, there were instructions for finding the exact color of your car using their online database. Once you find your color code, you can match it up with one of their colors in store or order online.

The paint pen was easy to use – I simply unscrewed the cap, shook it up, and applied a few thin coats until the scratch blended in with its surroundings. It only took me around 10 minutes total so this was definitely an easy DIY job!

Third Step: Waxing

Once all of the paint had dried, I finished off by waxing over top of everything to seal everything together and protect against future scratches or fading due to UV rays from exposure to sunlight over time. This final step gave my car an extra shine and brought back that showroom look!

The process of using Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In One is fairly straightforward; simply clean the area around the scratch, sand down any sharp edges or remaining bumps with the abrasive pad, apply primer and paint following instructions provided on packaging, then let dry completely before applying additional coats according to instructions as needed.

Once complete, your scratch will be gone! It really was that simple – when I was done, my car looked like new again!

The Benefits Of Using Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In One

Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In One provides several benefits beyond just filling in scratches on your car; for one thing, it’s affordable compared to other solutions such as professional auto body repair shops which could cost hundreds of dollars depending on the extent of damage sustained.

Additionally, it’s easy enough for anyone to do themselves in their own garage or driveway without having to pay someone else to do it for them – no need for special tools or knowledge beyond what’s provided in the instructions booklet included in every kit.

Finally, since it matches all major vehicle colors perfectly, there won’t be any noticeable difference between where you applied Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In One and the rest of your vehicle’s paint job after application is finished – it looks just like new!


Whether you have minor scrapes or deep scratches on your car due to road debris or accidents, Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In One can help restore its former glory quickly and affordably! Not only does this product match all major vehicle colors perfectly but also comes with an easy step by step guide that makes repairing those pesky blemishes a breeze. And since it doesn’t require any special tools or skillset outside of those mentioned in its instructions booklet – anyone can use this product right away! So if you’re looking for a way to fix those unsightly scratches without breaking the bank – give Dupli-Color Scratch Fix All In one a try today!

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