The Dressing Your Truth Style Color Card: Learn which color palette complements your skin tone for radiant

By Sharon R. Lee

I was recently at a party, and one of my friends came over to talk to me. She's a type 4, which means that she's bold, direct, and dynamic.

She looked beautiful she always does but then she mentioned something about the dress she was wearing.

 It was black with white stripes. "Are you sure about this color combination?" I asked her. "It looks great on you," she said, but then went on to say that it had taken her years of experimenting until she found this particular look that worked for her skin tone.

Type 4 women want to be seen as bold, direct, and dynamic.

  • Type 4 women want to be seen as bold, direct, and dynamic.

  • Type 4s are bold, direct and dynamic. They're also self-assured, confident and energetic.

They're also confident and energetic. They want to be seen as bold, direct and dynamic. Type 4s are self-assured, confident and energetic

The best colors for Type 4 women are black and white.

Black and white are the best colors for Type 4 women.

White: The color of a crisp, clean sheet and a fresh canvas. When you wear white, you exude purity and innocence. You have an elegant ease about you; there’s nothing flashy or ostentatious about your style.

Black: Black is like liquid night the color of mystery, power and elegance in all its forms (think: Catwoman). It’s also one of the strongest colors in nature it absorbs rather than reflects light which makes it flattering on all skin tones.

The pure black hue will make any color pop on your complexion while adding an element of sophistication to everyday outfits

Your natural palette includes solid colors in both black and white.

You are a natural for solid colors. You can wear black and white comfortably and look stunning in them. Black and white are two of the colors in your natural palette, so it’s no surprise that you feel comfortable in these hues!

Wear black when you want to amp up your style cred and take it up a notch. It looks great on all complexions, especially yours! Keep your accessories minimal or go bold with a huge statement necklace or chunky cuff bracelet (think big volume).

If you want to go full-on monochrome but still express some individuality, try mixing two shades of white together to create an interesting contrast. Try pairing a light cream blouse with dark denim shorts for example (and add some colorful shoes for extra flair).

You will likely also enjoy wearing the color red, which is a power color that complements your natural palette.

Red is a color that is often associated with Type 4 women. Red has the power to make you feel confident and strong and can help you stand out in a crowd. In addition, red has been shown to increase testosterone levels, which can help you feel more powerful and assertive.

Red can be worn in many different shades, including deep reds and pinks. If you're new to wearing this color palette, I recommend starting off with a bright shade of red lipstick or nail polish before moving on to more subdued colors such as burgundy or claret.

You may also want to consider mixing red with other colors like black or white so that it doesn't look overwhelming on your complexion.

It will be a challenge for you to wear the soft neutral colors of the other types because they don't express your boldness as well.

If you are an orange-yellow color type, it will be a challenge for you to wear the soft neutral colors of the other types because they don't express your boldness as well. The soft neutrals are not direct enough and don't have enough dynamism for an Orange/Yellow.

The Soft Neutral Colors: Yellow/Brown, Rose/Soft Pink, Coral Pink and Lavender

You can wear prints because they can have an interplay of black-and-white contrast with sharp edges, but you'll look best only if they also contain a complimentary color.

Prints are OK, but only if they have sharp edges and a complimentary color.

A print with a complementary color will bring you closer to your truth and can enhance your beautiful skin tone. A print that’s too busy or too small will overwhelm your face and make you look older than your age.

If the print is too large, it will make your body appear heavier than it really is. You’re looking for balance here: not too much black versus white contrast; not too much pattern versus solid background; not so large as to overpower the rest of the outfit, replacing colors with patterns instead (for example, donning an oversized dress shirt over jeans).

A good rule of thumb is this: Shoulders should be covered by at least ¼ inch of fabric below any necklines when facing forward this makes sure there isn't any "bra strap showing," which would give away how thin/heavy/old-looking our arms might actually be!

This proportion ensures that whatever falls lower than that won't appear disproportionate once worn on top (for example: low-cut blouses won't expose belly button unless wearing something underneath).

Blue isn't part of your natural palette because it's not a power color, but you can wear some blue tones because blues can express your bold quality.

Blue isn't part of your natural palette because it's not a power color, but you can wear some blue tones because blues can express your bold quality. You are an expression of boldness and confidence, so use your blue to show that off by wearing pieces that have the most intense hue in this range.

This goes for more muted shades too — like denim, which has been recently trending with a lot of people in their 20s and 30s (and even older). The darker indigo dye on jeans makes them pair well with neutral colors such as white or gray tops or sweaters when worn during winter months or fall seasons.

As far as accessories go, don't be afraid to add some fun pops of color like red shoes or accessories if they fit within the spectrum of dark blues!

Wear jewel tones instead of pastel tones to accentuate your power type.

Jewel tones are bolder than pastels, more powerful than pastels and more dynamic than pastels. They're also more intense than pastels. Jewel tones can be worn by any type but they accentuate the power type best.

In this case, "jewel tone" refers to colors that have light or dark hues of purple, blue or green in them—for example: lavender, royal blue and teal green. These colors instantly make you look like you have your life together (and you do!).

Knowing your type helps you dress up fully.

Knowing your type helps you dress up fully.

  • Dress to express your personality

  • Dress to make a statement

  • Dress to show off your best features

  • Dress to make an impression

  • Dress to feel confident

Dressing Your Truth allows you to express yourself and make the best impression possible on others, so they can see just how amazing you are!


If you're new to dressing with your truth, I highly recommend starting with the Type 3 color palette. It's a great place to get familiar with the system and start building your wardrobe from the ground up. Once you have a solid foundation of clothes in your natural colors, then you can branch out into other types for more variety!

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