Perfect for at-home or small office use, Dell Color Laser Printer 1200 dpi print

By Sharon R. Lee

Getting the right printer for your home or small office can be tough, especially if you're not an expert on printers.

But the Dell Color Laser Printer 1200 dpi print is a great choice if you want something that's easy to use and maintain.

It prints in black-and-white as well as in color, so it's perfect for any document or image you might need to create. Plus, it uses toner instead of ink cartridges so you'll save money over time!

Wifi ready printer

  • Connects to your home network, allowing you to print from anywhere in the house.

  • Print wirelessly from your phone or tablet, too!

  • Even print from a computer that isn't connected to the same network as this printer.

Prints in color and black-and-white

The Dell Color Laser Printer 1200 dpi print is a versatile machine that lets you print in color or black-and-white, depending on what you’re working on at the time.

It also prints quickly with a maximum speed of 30 pages per minute for both color and black-and-white documents.

We noticed excellent print quality for both photos and text documents, making this printer perfect for your daily use at home or in an office setting.

Great for desktop or personal use

This printer is great for small office or home use. It’s compact and easy to set up, so you can have it on your desk in no time.

The Dell Color Laser Printer 1200 dpi print also has an intuitive control panel, which makes printing and scanning fast and efficient.

Easy to use and manage

As with all Dell printers, this one is easy to install and use. It comes with an imageCLASS LBP 3110cn printer driver and software for your operating system (Windows, Mac OS X).

The Dell Printer installer makes it easy for you to install the drivers from the CD or download them from the Internet.

Once you've installed your new printer, you can take advantage of its simple setup process. Setup is done through a web browser: simply connect your computer using an Ethernet cable or wireless network connection.

Then follow instructions onscreen to configure settings such as network name (SSID), wireless security key and wireless channel number as well as select which type of paper tray(s) will be used during printing jobs by selecting Print Settings (Default Tray). The entire process takes only a few minutes!

Economical toner saves you money over time

The Dell Color Laser Printer 1200 dpi print features economical toner cartridges. This means you can save money on paper, electricity and ink over time.

The low cost of the toner cartridge also means that you can print out more flyers, brochures and other marketing materials for your business or office. You’ll also save time because it won’t take as long for each job to print out.

This printer is simple to use and maintain, making it great for home or small office use.

This printer is simple to use and maintain, making it great for home or small office use.

Setup is a snap. Once you've connected the printer and installed the software, you're ready to print out your first page. This printer also has intuitive controls on its front panel that make changing settings easy even for new users.

If something does go wrong with your printing job, however, there are helpful wizards in the software that will guide you through troubleshooting steps so you can fix the problem quickly


The Dell Color Laser Printer 1200 dpi print is a great choice for your home or small office. It’s easy to use, fast and produces high-quality prints. And at under $150, it’s a real bargain!

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