How to Get the Right Color Block Swimsuit One Piece

By Sharon R. Lee

If you're like me, the thought of shopping for a swimsuit makes you break out in hives. I mean, there are so many options! How do you know which one-piece is right for you?

Fortunately, once you learn what to look for in a color block swimsuit one piece, it's easy to find your perfect fit. Read on as we walk through all the steps of finding the right color block swimsuit one piece:

What Is a Color Block Swimsuit?

A color block swimsuit is a one-piece swimsuit that features several blocks of color. These blocks can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Color blocks can be made up of different fabrics and materials such as sequins and beads.

The color block swimsuit was first created in the mid-1960s by designer Rudi Gernreich and his partner Mary McFadden.

They used the fabric from her coat lining to create this colorful masterpiece that featured stripes on one side, but not on the other side! This allowed for more movement for active swimmers during their time in the water.

How to Choose the Right Color Block Swimsuit

A color block swimsuit is a one piece swimsuit that has two or more colors. The colors are usually distinct and separate from each other, providing the wearer with a vibrant look while they're swimming.

When you're shopping for a new swimsuit, there are several things to consider before making your final decision:

  • What type of fit do you want? Most women will find that they have different preferences based on their body type and personal style. For example, if you have wide hips but small breasts then a tight-fitting tankini might be better than an elastic strap bikini top. Or perhaps you'd prefer something loose-fitting so it doesn't hug to your curves too much in all the wrong places! It's important not only to choose a style but also pick out something that fits well on yourself without being too constricting or falling off when moving around in water (which wouldn't be fun).
  • How long will this swimsuit last? This can depend on how often/hardly any one person uses theirs; however most swimsuits last anywhere between 2-4 years before needing replacing due to either wear & tear or fading coloration over time due especially towards UV exposure (sunlight).

Find your perfect fit.

To find the right size, first measure your bust, waist and hips. Then try on a few suits in sizes that match your measurements one size smaller than normal if you're looking for support and one size larger if you want to be more comfortable in the water.

Once you've found a suit that fits well, it's time to choose between different styles and colors of swimwear.

If there is an item that looks like it would fit but isn't quite right (for example, if the color is too bright or dark), don't be afraid to mix things up! 

That's what this article is all about—giving you tips on how to get the best possible look when it comes time for your next beach trip!

Pick a color block pattern that works for you.

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that will make you look good, it is important to select one with a pattern that complements your body type. If you are tall and have long legs, then pick a pattern that is vertical.

A horizontal pattern will not elongate the appearance of your body but rather shorten it. On the other hand, if you are short or petite and have shorter legs, then pick a pattern that is horizontal. Vertical lines will emphasize how short your legs are without lengthening them in any way.

Pinch yourself! You're on your way to finding the right color block swimsuit one piece for you!

Pinch yourself! You're on your way to finding the right color block swimsuit one piece for you!

  • Pick a color profile: If you're already dreaming of a bright, tropical vacation, start with a white suit. If you want something more low-key (and perhaps a little more versatile), go for black or navy.
  • Determine whether you'd like to add an accent color: This can be anything from pink to yellow. Just make sure it's not too loud; this is supposed to be classed up, not clownish.
  • Find some inspiration: Look at fashion magazines and websites for inspiration on what kinds of styles look good on other people—you may even find something that inspires you to switch up how long your hair is or how much makeup you wear every day when we get home from work!

How Do You Wear a Color Block Swimsuit?

A color block one-piece swimsuit is a great way to wear a fun print and still look stylish. When you're wearing it poolside, though, you'll want to pair your swimsuit with other solid colors and that's where things can get tricky.

What if the rest of your outfit isn't solid? Or what if the rest of your outfit is already patterned? Here are some tips for wearing a color block swimsuit in every season:

You can find the right color block swimsuit with these easy steps

Now that you know the basics of color blocking, it's time to get down to business. In this article, we're going to show you how to find the right color block swimsuit one piece for you.

First things first: make sure your swimsuit fits well. If it doesn't fit well, then don't buy it! The last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction while swimming and ruining the look of your suit.

Your best bet is always going with a designer who knows what they're doing when they design their bathing suits (think Michael Kors or Theory). They're more expensive but worth every penny if they fit well and look good on everyone!

This is a guide on how to find the right one-piece swimsuit with a color-block pattern.

You love a good swimsuit, but you’re tired of wearing the same old black one-piece. Luckily for you, there are plenty of other options out there! One way to stand out in the crowd is by wearing a colorful bathing suit.

These pieces can be a great option for women of all ages and they come in many different styles. We have created this guide to help you find the right color block swimsuit one piece that will show off your personal style and make everyone else jealous!


That’s it! We hope this guide has helped you find the right color block swimsuit one piece for you, and we encourage you to keep looking if it didn’t.

As always, we are here to help with any questions about sizing or shipping, so feel free to email us at [email protected]

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