Is it Possible to Play Gameboy Color Games on DS? How to

By Sharon R. Lee

If you're a Nintendo fan and you have a DS, chances are good that at some point you've asked yourself whether it's possible to play Game Boy Color games on your handheld console. The answer is yes—but there are some things to consider before diving into the world of GBC emulation.

In this guide, we'll cover what emulators are available for playing Game Boy Color games on your Nintendo DS as well as how to get them installed so you can start playing retro classics right away!

Is it Possible to Play Gameboy Color Games on DS?

It is possible to play Gameboy Color games on your DS. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Use a flashcart, which will allow you to play all three generations of Pokemon (Red/Blue/Yellow) and other Gameboy games on your DS. A flashcart is an external device that plugs into the slot in the back of your DS, similar to a GBA cartridge. The great thing about using a flashcart is that it doesn't require any hacking or modding whatsoever. You simply put the cartridge in and start playing!

  • Use an emulator for those who want more advanced features like save states, screen resolution options and more customizable controls.

Can I play Game Boy Advance games on Nintendo DS?

Can I play Game Boy Advance games on Nintendo DS?

Yes! It's possible to play GBA ROMS (directly extracted from the cartridge, or downloaded) and all of their features are supported, except for touchscreen controls. You will need a flash card and an emulator, but once you have those two things, you should be set to go.

There are two different methods of playing Game Boy Advance games on your DS: using a GBA emulator that you download off the internet, or using a flash card that gives you access to an entire library of ROMs stored on said flash card.

To use a GBA emulator, follow these steps:

  • Download the right version of VisualBoyAdvance (free) for your operating system.

  • Decide if you want to use it in portable mode or fullscreen mode (or both). Make sure they're compatible with each other - some emulators do not allow portable mode when fullscreen is enabled! To change between them just click Settings in Portable Mode Options at the top left corner and select Full Screen Mode under General Options as shown here:

How do I get GBA games on my DS Lite?

To get Game Boy Advance games on your Nintendo DS, you need a few things. First, you'll need an emulator that can run GBA games on the Nintendo DS Lite or any other version of the handheld console. You'll also need a ROM and an emulator for that particular game cartridge.

R4 3DS is one of the best choices out there because it allows you to use regular GBA cartridges without having to use any special hardware or software to make them work with your DS console.

It's simple enough: just pop in an R4 cartridge and load up your favorite game! If you want something more advanced than this basic setup (for example), check out our post about how to hack your Nintendo 3DS so it can play original NES games directly from carts instead of running through emulators every time

How do I get a game boy emulator on my DSI?

The easiest way to start is by going to the Nintendo DSi Shop. You can also go to the Wii Shop Channel and find it there, but this option isn't as reliable. Once you're on either of these sites, search for "Game Boy" in both stores' "All" sections. There should be plenty of options available to download and install on your device!

Once you've downloaded them (it should be pretty quick), just click "Install" when prompted by the DSi or Wii U gamepad screen. Once everything's installed properly you will be able to play all of your Game Boy Color games with ease!

How do I play Game Boy Advance games on R4 3DS?

  • You need to get an R4 3DS card. The R4 3DS is a flashcard, or an add-on that you plug into the slot of your DS console. It allows you to play games that are not officially released for Nintendo handhelds, like Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games.

  • You need to get a ROM of the game you want to play (a ROM is an exact copy of a game). Here’s how:

  • Search Google for “[game name] [emulator name]” – For example: “Pokemon Red GBA” “VisualBoyAdvance-M_EN_v1_9_(Nintendo)-iND/VBA-M/Libretro-.nds”

  • A list will show up with links; click on one with no ads or popups on it! They might seem sketchy at first glance but they aren't once installed correctly (see step 4)

  • Download an emulator from its official website - There are many different emulators out there so make sure this one works well with your system! Some examples include visualboyadvance gba4iphone etc... I would recommend something like VisualBoyAdvance because it's free and easy for beginners as well as more advanced users alike if done right so don't worry about spending money right away here just yet 🙂 Also look out for viruses while browsing these sites too; some people use them just because they're easier than going through google search results which sometimes lead directly back into malware territory instead."

Yes, you can, but you might need help.

Yes, it's possible to play Gameboy Color games on your DS or DS Lite. Most people who want to play GBC games on their DS or DSi will opt for the R4 3DS flashcart.

The R4 3DS is a flashcart that allows you to play GBC games on your Nintendo DS console by emulating the functionality of an original Game Boy Color cartridge.

The R4 3DS takes up one slot inside your Nintendo DS console; it doesn't use any external memory cards like SD cards or microSD cards and there are no other pieces required for installation.


As you can see, playing Gameboy Color games on DS is not as easy as it sounds. You need a game boy emulator and some additional software to get them running on your Nintendo DS.

The emulator itself is free but there are other things that cost money such as the game files themselves or even an R4 3DS card if you want to play GBA games directly off of it instead of needing an SD card in your computer first.

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