Blue Ain’t Your Color Chords- Dolly Parton – Guitar Lesson with Chords

By Sharon R. Lee

If you’re looking for simple, fun and easy chords to play on guitar, this is the right place. We will show you how to play Blue Ain’t Your Color by Dolly Parton

E Major Chord

E Major Chord

To play the E major chord, you'll use the following fingers:

  • First finger (index) on fret 1

  • Second finger (middle) on fret 2

  • Third finger (ring) on fret 3

  • Fourth finger (pinky) on fret 4

B Major Chord

B Major Chord

  • 1st finger on 5th fret of A string (not played)

  • 2nd finger on 5th fret of D string (not played)

  • 3rd finger on 2nd fret of G string, or 4th finger on 2nd fret of B string

The B major chord is played by barring your index and middle fingers across the top three strings, while leaving the low E string open.

For this chord, you have a choice between resting your index or middle finger at the 3rd fret or allowing it to rest at its natural position at around 2 or 1 respectively.

If you prefer having an open space between your ring finger and pinky, then simply flip them in their positions when forming each chord!

C# Minor Chord

The C# minor chord is a minor chord with the notes C#, E and G. It is used in the key of C# minor. The major 7th of this triad creates an interesting sound that will help you make your songs sound more complex and interesting.

The C# minor chord has a major 7th because it contains a major third (C#), perfect fifth (E) and minor seventh (G).

The notes of this chord are: C#-E-G

F# Minor Chord

F# minor chord:

The F# minor chord is one of the most commonly used guitar chords. It's also known as an F#7, or A major/D major. The F# minor chord is a common use in rock and roll songs because it has a dark sound that really stands out in the mix.

The notes are: F#, A and C

A Major Chord

A major chord is a major triad with a root, major third and perfect fifth. A major chord is the I chord in the key of A major. A major chord is the tonic chord in the key of A major.

The notes that make up an A Major Chord are: Root (A), Major Third (C#), Perfect Fifth (E)

G# Minor Chord

In the key of C, the G# minor chord is a triad made up of three notes: G#, B and D.

The notes in this chord are:

  • root note = G# (also called "G sharp")

  • third = B

  • fifth = D

The blue ain’t your color chords are very simple and easy to learn.

The blue ain’t your color chords are very simple and easy to learn. They are E, B, C#, F#, A and G#.

A chord is a group of three or more notes played simultaneously on a guitar or other fretted instrument.

Chords can be played in any key signature but the easiest way to play Dolly Parton’s Blue Ain’t Your Color is with the following chord progression:

E - B - C# - F# - A - G

Blue Ain’t Your Color Chord Chart

Ok, so you’ve learned the blue ain’t your color chord progression and now you have a few questions:

  • What is a chord?

  • What are the blue ain’t your color chords in this guitar lesson?

  • How do I play them on my guitar?

Let's answer these questions! A chord is basically three or more notes played together. The blue ain't your color chords are E major, B major, C# minor, F# minor and finally A major.

Blue Ain’t Your Color (Chords) | Keith Urban

Blue Ain’t Your Color is a song written by Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus about a man who has been cheated on by his significant other.

The song begins with him telling the woman that he knows what she's done and how much it hurts, but that he'll still love her anyway. He then goes on to say that blue isn't her color because it doesn't suit her well.

The first verse tells us how this man feels after finding out his significant other has cheated on him:

"My heart is heavy, my head is pounding

But I just can't get over you."


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