Beginners guide to bh cosmetics carli bybel 14 color eyeshadow & highlighter palette

By Sharon R. Lee

If you're looking for a new eyeshadow or highlighter palette, this one from Carli Bybel is a good option. It has 14 different shades, including some matte and shimmery options.

This product is great for beginners because it's made with only cruelty-free synthetic ingredients—no animal products!

How to use the highlighters in this palette.

You can use the highlighters in this palette as a blush, highlighter or shimmery eyeshadow.

If you want to wear it as an eyeshadow, apply it with your finger or a brush and use it on the brow bone area. You can also apply it onto the cheekbones if you want to add some shimmer to your face.

How to use the eyeshadows in this palette.

The eyeshadows in this palette are very pigmented and they are super soft. If you have a lot of makeup experience, then you can use your fingers to apply the shadows; however, if you're just starting out or if you don't own a lot of makeup brushes yet, I recommend using a brush for application.

  • You can use your fingers or a damp brush to apply the eye shadow. If using your fingers, make sure to tap off some of the excess product before applying it on your lid so it goes on smoothly and isn't overly pigmented from too much product being applied at once.

  • Use either an all-over blending brush (like the Morphe M439) or fluffy blending brush (like Urban Decay Good Karma Eyeshadow Brush) first to apply concealer underneath your eyes as well as all over lids before beginning with darker shades in this palette. That way there will be less fallout when applying these darker colors because they won't pick up too much product from underneath where concealer has already been placed!

The eyeshadow shades in this palette and how to use them.

The first shade is a shimmery white. The second shade is a glittery peach. The third shade is a glittery pink, the fourth shade is a shimmery mauve and the fifth shade is a shimmery taupe.

These shadows are super easy to use and blend into your eyelids easily without any fall-out or creasing.

You can use these eyeshadow shades individually or together to create different looks; such as: Makeup by Carli Bybel's Sweet Dreams Eye Look which consists of using all 5 darkest shades on your eyelid (1-5), using only shades 1 & 2 together on your lid, using all 5 lighter shades on your eyelid (6-10).

The highlighter shades in this palette and how to use them.

The highlighters in this palette are the most important part, and they’re what you should use to really make your eyeshadow look pop. There are a lot of different shades, so there is something for everyone.

You can use them to highlight the cheekbones, nose, and inner corners of your eyes. This will make your makeup look even better than it already does!

If you want a subtle shine on your cheeks or nose (or even eyes), go for light pink or white shades. If you want something with more color and shimmering effect on those areas, then go for golds or pinks instead!

This is a good product for makeup beginners and contains many useful colors.

This is a good product for makeup beginners and contains many useful colors. The product is very versatile, and can be used by all skin tones, ages, occasions and types of makeup (natural or dramatic).

This palette has been an incredible way to learn how to apply eyeshadows in different ways. If you're looking for a great palette that will last you all year round with endless options then this is the one!

Check Out This 14-Coloured Eyeshadow & Highlight Palette From Carli Bybel

As you can see, this palette is great for beginners. It's got a nice variety of colors, but it's also affordable and easy to use.

Plus, you can create several different looks with this palette both natural and dramatic. The highlighters in particular add dimension to your look like never before!

If you're just starting out with makeup, this is definitely an excellent palette for you. You'll get so much use out of it that it will be worth every penny!


If you're just getting started with makeup and want to try out some new colors, then this is a great product for you.

If you love Carli Bybel's YouTube channel, then this will be an even better choice for your collection. You can use it for everyday looks or special occasions as well!

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