A Color Scheme Based on Beauty and the Beast

By Sharon R. Lee

If you've ever seen the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, then you know it's one of the most romantic movies ever made. There are so many gorgeous scenes that make you want to fall in love with someone or something instantly.

And as if those weren't enough, there's also a fantastic color scheme based on this classic fairytale! We'll go through each of its four main colors: yellow, grey, gold and purple (plus red for good measure).

By the end of this article you'll be ready to replay this beautiful film in your mind again—or maybe even on DVD!

The colors of the movie Beauty and the Beast.

The most obvious color scheme to use is one inspired by the movie itself. For this one, start with yellow and grey (the same colors as Belle's dress) as your primary colors.

Yellow is also used for Lumiere's hat and coat, so it makes sense to use that as an accent color for your project. Purple is another important color in Beauty and the Beast it represents Cogsworth's hat and his face when he transforms into a human during the final song "Something There."

This may be a good secondary or tertiary color to complement your main ones. Red is used in the rose–which plays an important role in both stories–and also appears prominently on Le Fou's outfit during "Be Our Guest."

Note: You don't have to limit yourself to just these five colors if they don’t work well together or inspire you!

The color scheme includes yellow, grey, gold, purple and red.

The color scheme includes yellow, grey, gold, purple and red.

The yellows are inspired by Belle’s yellow dress and the rest of her wardrobe. The gray is inspired by Lumiere’s purple jacket, Cogsworth’s purple hat, and even a little bit of Gaston.

Gold was used because it represents wealth and luxury as well as many other things throughout the movie! Finally, you have the purples that represent both Lumiere and Cogsworth in some way or another.

These colors are inspired by the different scenes in the movie.

The color scheme is inspired by the different scenes in the movie.

  • Yellow: This light shade of yellow, known as "canary," was seen on Belle's dress. It symbolizes a fresh start, and a new beginning. A bright cheery yellow will bring happiness to your home!

  • Purple: This rich deep shade of purple was seen on Lumier's jacket and Cogsworth's hat. It represents royalty, luxury and sophistication—perfect for any room in your house!

  • Red: This bold red is perfect for any kitchen or dining room! You can see it on Chip's teacup, Mrs. Potts' teapot, or even Prince Adam when he transforms into the Beast during his first dance with Belle at their wedding reception scene in Act 4 (which we'll get to later).

Yellows are inspired by Belle's yellow dress.

Yellow is one of the warmest colors, and it's associated with happiness and joy. The color yellow has also been shown to improve mood, so that's why it can be used for an uplifting space.

Yellow is also associated with the sun and its rays, which makes sense when you consider the yellow dresses and hats that are worn by Belle throughout her time at the castle!

Beauty and the Beast was one of those movies where everything looked perfect—from Belle's yellow dress to all those gorgeous flower beds we see along their journey.

So it makes sense that if you want a happy space filled with sunshine-y colors, then this palette would be perfect!

Purple is inspired by Lumier's purple jacket and Cogsworth's purple hat.

  • Lumier's purple jacket is a purplish-blue color, much like the color of the sky at dusk or dawn.

  • Cogsworth's hat is a reddish-purple color that is closer to red than it is to blue or purple.

  • The duller effect of Lumier's jacket makes it more appropriate for an evening event, while the brighter tone of Cogsworth's hat makes it more suitable for daytime wear.

Red is inspired by Chip's teacup and Mrs. Potts' teapot.

Red is an important color in the movie. This color symbolizes love, passion, romance and anger and rage. Red also represents power and strength which makes sense because Mrs. Potts was a teapot with a very strong personality!

The red dress that Belle wears when she dances with the Beast at their wedding ceremony is a beautiful shade of red that can be found on any girl's bedside table or makeup bag! It's the perfect shade to help you feel like Belle when you're getting ready for your big day (or just enjoying some time alone with yourself)!

This color scheme can be used for a dinner party or a wedding inspired by this classic fairytale.

This color scheme is inspired by the movie Beauty and the Beast, which is a classic fairytale. It's great for a dinner party or wedding, as well as a kids' room, nursery and more!


I hope you've enjoyed this post and learned a bit more about the color scheme behind one of my favorite movies. The colors are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere, but they can also be used for other occasions.

If you want to use this color scheme in your next event or party, then check out "Beauty & The Beast" on Pinterest!

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