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Preparing an individual assessment visit is a prerequisite for this. The 3rd layer is the colour paint surface, the visible colour you selected when configuring your lorry. This base finish is applied to the surface area of your Audi using a fast-rotating sprayer, with the spray jet creating an incredibly great mist comprised of little declines of colour. This permits the paint coating to be distributed evenly as well as exactly where it is required on the automobile’s surface area.

You don’t obtain a 2nd opportunity to make a first impression. Confiscate this and select your own individual outside paint finish for your lorry from the huge variety of colours available from Audi exclusive. We anticipate your inspired suggestions and also your new colours. In an suede faux leather/leather mix and also great Nappa natural leather Atlas beige, the floor mats in Granite grey with piping are colour-matched to the colour of the seat upholstery. For fine Nappa natural leather in Cedar brownish, flooring mats are black with bordering colour-matched to the colour of the seat upholstery. Extravagant colours as well as material assemblies are readily available on site, from stylish to elegant, which additionally enable you to go much past the creative possibilities of the standard array.

Audi special just makes use of selected real woods that stress the personality of the car in question. The range extends from timeless oak to the remarkable varieties of fine grain myrtle, open-pored ash or eucalyptus to great styles such as piano surface or carbon. Decorations made from open-pored woods have the common haptics of natural timber. This transforms the interior into a special silent zone with feel-good personality. Audi does not make use of tropical timber, also if it was expanded on a ranch.

To guarantee that they do not crack, wonderful care must be taken throughout the whole procedure. From blending the specific colours to applying the different layers of paint each step asks for utmost precision to ensure that in the end you get your personal desire colour. The individual paint coating in the exterior as well as the materials in the interior are directly coordinated by experts of audi style. Your chosen colour is a mix of organic as well as not natural pigments along with a binder, a solvent and also a variety of additives. The natural pigments offer the colour’s sparkle and boldness, whereas the not natural pigments make certain the finish’s weather resistance. The pigments for the ground colours are separately distributed in the binder so pastes can be made. The pigment pastes of different colours are then combined, therefore generating the final colour.

That shade of silver is too conventional and also common when traveling. If you are mosting likely to invest $3900 on a customized color, do something that isn’t standard elsewhere.

The top notch criterion of Audi special tailor-maked paint finishes is a consistent appearance on all materials – which for many years to come. Consequently, each colour is thoroughly evaluated prior to authorization. Initially, the paint is applied to all materials utilized (aluminium, plastic, steel, etc.). In the 2nd step, the weather conditions of the repainted components are simulated in a climatic chamber.

For efficient advice, we require the Audi code of your pre-configured Audi design. This permits us to talk about the preferred Audi adjustments with you individually.

audi exclusive special paint color

Additionally, matt effect paint finishes are also offered for picked RS models. Relying on the model, further unique individualisation dreams are possible, e.g. needlework of initials. These individualisation dreams can be asked for at any moment and, in the next action, separately checked for you by your Audi companion. Make your imaginative suggestions as well as individual wishes become a reality! Focused on an aesthetic ensemble of extraordinary colours and also material assemblies– from stylish to sophisticated.

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