Are They Going to Tear down the Colorado Belle

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The Colorado Belle Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada is scheduled to be demolished. The casino opened in 1990 and was one of the first casinos on the Colorado River. The property includes a hotel, RV park, and marina.

The casino has been closed since 2014 due to financial problems. The owners have not been able to find a buyer for the property. They have now decided to demolish the casino and build a new one in its place.

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The Colorado Belle is one of the most iconic casinos in Laughlin, Nevada. The casino has been in operation since 1966 and is currently owned by Golden Entertainment. Recently, there have been rumors that the Colorado Belle may be torn down to make way for a new hotel and casino development.

While nothing has been confirmed, this news has caused many locals and visitors to worry about the future of the historic property.

Are They Going to Tear down the Colorado Belle


Will the Colorado Belle Be Torn Down?

The Colorado Belle is a historic hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The hotel was built in 1966 and is currently owned and operated by MGM Resorts International. There has been no indication from MGM that they have any plans to demolish the property.

What are They Going to Do With the Colorado Belle in Laughlin?

According to recent reports, the Colorado Belle casino in Laughlin, Nevada is set to be sold and potentially redeveloped. The property was originally built in 1975 and has been owned by MGM Resorts International since 2000. It sits on a 22-acre site on the banks of the Colorado River and includes a hotel with 740 rooms.

The sale of the Colorado Belle is part of MGM’s larger plan to divest itself of non-core assets and focus on its more profitable properties on the Las Vegas Strip. There have been no specific plans announced for the future of the property, but given its location and size, it is likely that it will be redeveloped into a new resort or casino. We will continue to follow this story and update our readers as more information becomes available.

Who Bought the Colorado Belle in Laughlin?

In January of 2020, the Colorado Belle in Laughlin was bought by a new ownership group. The new owners are led by Brad Wilson, who is also the CEO of Golden Entertainment. Golden Entertainment owns several other casinos in the Las Vegas area, including the Stratosphere Casino.

The Colorado Belle is one of the older casinos in Laughlin, and has been open since 1966. It was originally owned by Del Webb Corporation. In 1987, it was sold to American Gaming and Entertainment Company.

In 2000, it was sold again to Mandalay Resort Group. In 2005, MGM Mirage bought Mandalay Resort Group and thus owned the Colorado Belle until 2020. The purchase price for the casino was not disclosed, but it is estimated to be around $40 million.

The new ownership plans to invest $10 million into renovations for the property.

Why Did Colorado Belle in Laughlin Close?

The Colorado Belle in Laughlin, Nevada closed its doors on Monday, August 28th, 2017. The last day of operation was Sunday, August 27th. The closure is due to the hotel’s parent company, Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino, Inc., defaulting on a $26 million loan from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Indian Affairs.

The property will be auctioned off on October 17th by the U.S. Marshals Service. The Colorado Belle was built in 1987 at a cost of $85 million and was one of the first casinos in Laughlin. It was originally owned by Merv Griffin and Don Aronow and operated under the name “Aquarius”.

In 1992, it was purchased by Don Laughlin and renamed “Colorado Belle”. The hotel has 1,168 rooms and suites spread out over 22 floors. It also has a casino with over 1,200 slot machines and 40 gaming tables, as well as several restaurants and bars.

The closure of the Colorado Belle is a blow to the city of Laughlin, which relies heavily on tourism dollars. With nearly 4 million visitors per year, Laughlin is the third most-visited gambling destination in Nevada after Las Vegas and Reno/Lake Tahoe.


The Colorado Belle Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada is currently undergoing a major renovation. The entire property is being remodeled, including the casino floor, hotel rooms, and restaurants. While the exact date of completion has not been announced, it is expected to be sometime in 2020.

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