Are Colored Headlights Legal in Colorado

By Sharon R. Lee

In Colorado, the law does not specifically prohibit the use of colored headlights. However, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), “headlights must emit a white light.” Therefore, it is generally accepted that using colored headlights in Colorado is not legal.

There have been no reported cases of drivers being ticketed for using colored headlights in Colorado.

Looking to add a little bit of style to your car? You might be considering colored headlights. But are they legal in Colorado?

The answer is yes and no. You can have colored headlights as long as they emit a white light. However, if your headlights emit a color other than white, they are not legal.

So if you want to add a little bit of style to your car with colored headlights, make sure they emit a white light. Otherwise, you could be pulled over and ticketed for having illegal headlights.

Bright, blinding headlights: Are they legal?

What Color Lights are Illegal in Colorado?

There are no specific colors of lights that are illegal in Colorado. However, there are certain types of lights that are not allowed to be used on vehicles. These include flashing or rotating lights, which can be a distraction to other drivers, and can also be confusing for law enforcement officers trying to identify a vehicle.

There are also restrictions on the use of blue lights, which are typically only allowed on emergency vehicles. Blue light laws vary from state to state, so it’s important to check the regulations in your area before installing any type of blue light on your vehicle.

Are You Allowed to Have Colored Headlights?

Yes, you are allowed to have colored headlights as long as they emit a white light. There are many aftermarket companies that make colored headlight bulbs and covers. While some states have laws against having any colors other than white on your headlights, most states allow for any color as long as the light emitted is still white.

So if you want to add some personality to your car with some colored headlights, go for it!

Are Blue Led Headlights Legal in Colorado?

Yes, blue LED headlights are legal in Colorado as long as they emit a white light. Blue LED headlights are not allowed to be any brighter than regular headlights.

Is Headlight Tint Legal in Colorado?

Headlight tint is not legal in Colorado. The state has very specific laws about what types of light modifications are allowed on vehicles, and headlight tinting is not included. There are a few exceptions to this rule – emergency vehicles and off-road vehicles may have tinted headlights, but for the average driver, it’s best to stick to the rules and keep your headlights clear.

Are Colored Headlights Legal in Colorado


Illegal Headlight Colors

Headlight colors other than white are illegal in most states. This includes blue, purple, and red. The only exceptions are amber and yellow, which may be used as accents.

Headlights must emit a natural light that allows drivers to see the road ahead without causing glare. Colors that do not meet this criteria can be distracting and dangerous.

Why is Green Underglow Illegal in Colorado

Green underglow is illegal in Colorado because it can be distracting to other drivers and can make it difficult for them to see the road. Additionally, green underglow can also be associated with gang activity, which is why law enforcement officials are often on the lookout for vehicles with this type of lighting. If you’re caught driving with green underglow in Colorado, you could face a fine of up to $100.

Legal Headlight Colors Colorado

In Colorado, the only legal colors for headlights are white and yellow. This is true for both daytime and nighttime use. Any other color, including blue, purple, or red, is not allowed.

The purpose of this law is to increase visibility on the roadways so that drivers can see potential hazards more easily. Headlights that are not a legal color can result in a fine of up to $100.


If you’re driving in Colorado with colored headlights, you might want to check if they’re legal. While some states allow them, Colorado has strict laws against aftermarket modifications to your headlights. This includes adding any type of tint or film to the headlight lens, as well as changing the color of the light itself.

If you’re caught with illegal headlights, you could be subject to a fine and have your car impounded. So it’s best to play it safe and stick with traditional white headlights in Colorado.

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