Trip back in time with ali wentworth in living color, a show that your grandma loves

By Sharon R. Lee

Ali Wentworth is a comedian and an actress. She's also ridiculously good-looking, which means she has no excuse for not being in shape. But Ali recently learned that even the most attractive people can struggle with getting fit.

She went through a period of several years when she wasn't exercising much and gained weight as a result.

A few months ago, her husband had knee surgery that slowed him down so much that Ali realized she needed to get moving again—and fast!


A full marathon was hard for Ali.

  • As you can imagine, Ali was a little nervous about doing the full marathon. She wondered if she would be able to finish it and how she would feel after such an intense experience.

  • Luckily, Ali had trained for months before the race. Her friends and family were there to cheer her on during training runs, which helped give her confidence that she could complete this feat.

  • When talking about how she felt after completing the entire marathon distance in one go, Ali said: "I thought I would be in pain when I finished but I actually felt great! It was an amazing feeling knowing that I had done something like that."

Her muscles didn't feel like her muscles anymore.

Ali Wentworth is a comedian and a writer, but she's also a mom. When her son, Beckett, was born in 2014, Ali went through the experience of becoming a mother and then quickly returning to her career as an entertainer.

She had some concerns about how she would be able to transition back into being on stage after such an intense period of time away from it.

Living Color was filmed towards the end of Ali's pregnancy with Beckett (she was six months pregnant during filming) and just before she went back on tour with her husband George Stephanopoulos as part of his "Stand Up for Heroes" event in New York City.

In Living Color, we see Ali dealing with both physical changes in her body like how sore she gets from working out now that she has two kids and mental or emotional changes like how hard it can be for her to stay focused when performing for audiences because it brings up so many emotions around having kids.

She put on a pair of skinny jeans and felt great.

You don’t have to be a comedian to make people laugh, but it helps.

  • Laugh at yourself. Ali Wentworth tells the story of how she was feeling less than confident about her body and decided to put on a pair of skinny jeans. She felt great in them, and that made her feel good about herself as a person. In short: don’t take yourself too seriously!

  • Be yourself, even if you don’t know who that is yet. Ali Wentworth found success in her acting career by being herself—and not playing up anything other than what makes her unique (like being British). It worked out for her!

She visited the gym every day.

Ali Wentworth’s life was so busy, she needed to find ways to fit in exercise.

She visited the gym every day. This helped her stay focused on her goal of staying healthy and energetic.

If you don’t have time for daily exercise, try going three times a week instead of once a week—you can always build up to more frequent visits later!

Make sure you set aside enough rest time each evening and weekend so that you don’t feel too tired or stressed out when it comes time for your next workout session. 

If you don't want to go to the gym but want something with some cardio benefits, try taking a walk around your neighborhood; if possible, take someone with you who likes walking as well. 

Or maybe try doing yoga at home instead of going somewhere specifically designed for it—it'll save money while still giving them plenty of flexibility in terms of what they do during each session (even if she's not comfortable with some poses yet).

If none of those options work out for whatever reason (e.g., someone thinks it's boring), I recommend trying out new activities like rock climbing or boxing instead—these may offer more variety than running on treadmills does!"

She kept up with running routines like interval training, for example jogging for a few minutes and walking for a few minutes, each day after lunch.

Interval training is when you alternate between intervals of high-intensity activity and lower-intensity activity. These can be anything from jogging for a few minutes, then walking for a few minutes, then jogging again.

The idea is that this type of exercise keeps your heart rate up without being too exhausting or taking too much time out of your day. You can also use interval training to work on different parts of your body by focusing on running one minute, then doing push-ups the next minute, then repeat!

The best part about interval training is that it doesn't require any equipment besides shoes—no fancy gym memberships needed! And luckily, there are plenty of ways you can do interval exercises at home (or outside):

  • Jog while watching TV in the evening

  • Walk around the neighborhood with your dog

  • Go up stairs instead of taking an elevator at work

She realized she could get her heart rate up no matter where she was.

The more in-shape you are, the more you can do.

With her series of fitness DVDs and books, she has helped millions of women achieve their goals. Each DVD focuses on a different area of exercise: arms, legs, butt, abs and body weight.

Ali's philosophy is that you can get your heart rate up no matter where you are even if it's just a hotel room or an airplane bathroom. By incorporating these five moves into your life (and maybe squeezing in one of her workouts too), Ali says that anyone can look great.

She learned that the most important thing to focus on when it comes to being active is knowing what works best for you and making sure your body has enough time to rest afterwards.

The most important thing to focus on when it comes to being active is knowing what works best for you and making sure your body has enough time to rest afterwards. Ali also learned that the best way to stay motivated is by finding a workout routine that you enjoy so that exercise becomes a habit and not an obligation.

When working out, she says, “The key is taking breaks. You have to listen and learn what works for you—and if something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it! You have to be realistic about what your fitness goals are so when those times come where things aren't going as well as planned—and they inevitably will—you'll know how far along the road you've traveled so far."

Exercise can help you feel good and be more positive about yourself.

Exercise can help you feel good and be more positive about yourself. Exercise can also help you feel more positive about your life, future, and health!

When my grandmother first saw the show Living Color in the early nineties, she was a single mother working three jobs to make ends meet. Her daughters weren’t around much so she was pretty lonely most days.

But she found solace in watching TV on her phone at night before bed—and one of her favorite shows was Living Color. She loved how upbeat it made her feel when she watched it—and that feeling has stayed with me ever since then too!


Ali Wentworth is a great example of someone who made exercise a priority and saw huge results.

She didn't start out her journey with the intention of running marathons, but she learned that if you're willing to push yourself and put in the work, you can achieve these goals. 

The most important thing when it comes to being active? Knowing what works best for you so that your body has enough time to rest afterwards!

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