How To Use The 4 Color Bible Highlighter System

By Sharon R. Lee

Here’s a Bible study method that will help you understand the Bible in its entirety and in greater depth. It’s called the 4 Color Bible Highlighter System.

The idea behind this system is simple but powerful: color code different passages according to their importance or theme. It works by helping you visualize themes, topics, events and even key people in the Bible that have certain attributes.

The 4-color Bible highlighter system is easy to use and really helps you come away with great insight and new understandings.

The 4-color Bible highlighter system is a simple outline for understanding how to understand the Bible better. It helps you to remember what you read and come away with new insights and understandings of the text.

For example, if you want to understand Jesus' teaching on divorce and remarriage, the 4-color system will help you get all of it in one place:

  • Red: Words used by Jesus himself

  • Green: Words used by others about Jesus (the people around him) or about his words or actions

  • Yellow: Words that are quoted from other sources (Scripture or some other book) in order to explain what Jesus said or did in another way. So when they quote something like Hosea 2:16 as "I will restore their fortunes" this would be yellow because they aren't quoting directly from Jesus' own words but instead they're quoting Scripture which then explains what those words mean when applied to this passage of Scripture which involves questions about marriage after divorce.* Blue: Extra commentary on certain passages (usually ones where there seems to be some gray area). This can be either traditional explanations found throughout history concerning these verses, as well as any insights gleaned from more recent writers who specialize in Biblical studies such as pastors who preach sermons based on particular verses each week but also might provide additional resources online through blogs posts etc...

Blue: salvation

The blue highlighter is used to highlight passages that speak of the salvation of God. Blue is the color of the sky and sea, which were part of God’s creation.

This color reminds us that our salvation comes through Jesus Christ, who was born on earth as a man, lived a perfect life and died in our place.

The Bible says this about Him: “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast” (Ephesians 2:8–9).

Blue can also be used to highlight passages that speak about God forgiving us when we sin against Him or others. The Bible says: “He has told you O mortal what is good; And what does Jehovah require from you But to do justly To love mercy And walk humbly With your God?” (Micah 6:8).

Green: growth

A great use of this color is to highlight verses in which growth, new life and newness are mentioned.

Transformation can look like:

  • Personal transformation - when you change into something better than what you were previously.

  • Spiritual transformation - when God changes your heart and mind.

  • Physical transformation - changing from one thing into another thing (like changing lead into gold).

Red: power and blood

Red is used to highlight the blood of Jesus, the power of God and the blood of the saints. Red is the color of power, strength and boldness.

It shows that we have authority over sin. It’s also used to highlight things in our lives that are unclean or unholy, such as bitterness or unforgiveness in our hearts.

Yellow: warning

Yellow: warning

This is the color you will use to highlight warnings and words of caution. Warnings are important, because they can help you avoid the wrong path and bad consequences, danger, bad people and habits.

You don’t need expensive markers or highlighters for this, any decent colored pencils will do.

You don't need expensive markers or highlighters for this, any decent colored pencils will do.

To start out, measure the width of your pencil with a ruler. This is important to know because it will determine how many words you can highlight before the color runs out and you need to change colors.

You want to find a balance between writing enough text and saving what's left in your pencil by starting with a new one once it's run out.

Next, measure the length of your pencil (from tip-to-end). This measurement is also important because if your word count is too long, then there won't be enough room for all those letters on one line!

Make sure there’s adequate space above and below each letter so that they aren’t smashed together without any breathing room near them at all—it helps if each letter stands alone within its own little box instead of being surrounded by other letters on either side."

Color coding makes it easy to visualize themes, topics, events and even key people in the Bible that have certain attributes.

It's easy to visualize themes, topics, events and even key people in the Bible that have certain attributes. Color coding helps you do this.

Imagine a list of 12 attributes: trustworthiness; faithfulness; wisdom; love; patience; kindness; self-control—all things we want God's people to be like when they show up on Sunday morning or at our house on Wednesday night.

The first time you go through your Bible using this color system, it might be helpful to highlight each attribute as you encounter it throughout Scripture (more on labeling later).

Once all 12 are highlighted, then look back at how many times each of those 12 words appear in Scripture. Do they appear more often than others? If so, which ones? What patterns do you notice for yourself?

Color coding your Bible can make your study sessions more memorable and your understanding of Scripture deeper.

Color coding your Bible is a great way to make your study sessions more memorable and your understanding of Scripture deeper. Color coding is also an effective way to keep track of what you are learning, teaching, or memorizing from different passages in the Bible.

The four colors used for this system are red (for prophesy), blue (for truth), black (for doctrine), and green (for Gospel). You can choose whatever colors you like for these categories but these have worked well for me in the past so I recommend sticking with them if possible.

On each page where an event takes place that pertains to one of these categories write down what it was using colored pencils or markers so that when it comes time to read through again it will be easy to know where each category begins and ends by looking at which color was used on that particular page!

Why You Need 4 Color Highlighting System in Your Bible?

The 4 Color Highlight Bible is a system that makes it easy to identify themes, key people, events and topics. The system also helps you find attributes, concepts and ideas with ease.

This is because the color coding helps you see what's important in your reading at a glance. By highlighting your favorite scriptures and passages you'll be able to quickly locate them later without losing any time or effort in finding what you're looking for.

As an added bonus this style of highlighting will help keep your Bible clean as well! You know how dirty Bibles get when someone uses highlighters all over them?

Well this won't happen if yours is color coded because only certain sections are highlighted so no excess ink gets on the pages around those sections!

6 Tips for Choosing The Right 4 Color Bible Highlighters

  • Color code by theme. You can use the four colors to color-code your Bible by theme, such as red for sin, blue for mercy, yellow for grace and green for judgment. If you want to learn more about a particular topic in the Bible, this is a great way to do so.

  • Color code by book. For those who are new to studying God's Word or who just need a refresher course on what books are where, using color highlighters will help them remember where each book is located in their Bible. And if they don't know anything about the history of how these books were compiled together into one volume (called canonized), then they'll learn that too!


So, the next time you’re reading through the Bible, consider using the 4 color highlighter system. This will help you to focus on key facts and themes in each passage, making your study sessions more memorable and your understanding of Scripture deeper.

Exactly How To Note Your Bible For Deeper Scriptures Research

Contrasting flows that are on comparable subjects to obtain a complete understanding of God’s teaching on the matter. Keep a note pad or journal for longer note-taking.

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I’m definitly going to obtain them now. I’m anticipating beginning the brand-new year journey with Exodus and commemorating all that God needs to instruct me. LIKE the new system, specifically the color coding!!! I do some Precept, but I get lost with all the icons, etc . I do not mark in my Scriptures therefore, although I’ve wanted to.

Megan Allen Ministries is an area where you will locate some wonderful pointers and sources to better equip you to dig deep into God’s reality. You will certainly additionally discover encouragement and also devices to cultivate a powerful as well as tactical petition life.

4 color bible highlighting system

I would truly like and also value input. Courtney, I have always wished to do bible color coding but could never ever think of a workable system, utilizing this approach of color graph coding is the ideal solution.

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