11 Tips to Look Your Best in the 35T 35 Color Taupe Eyeshadow Palette

By Sharon R. Lee

The 35T 35 Color Taupe Eyeshadow Palette is great for beginners and experienced makeup artists alike. The colors are very versatile and can be manipulated to create different looks. You don't have to be a professional makeup artist to use this palette; anyone can benefit from the tricks below!

Use a primer and set your eyes with powder before using the 35T.

One of the best ways to ensure that your eyeshadow stays in place is to use a primer. A primer will help keep the shadow from creasing and it also helps the color stay true all day long. If you don't have time or money for a primer, there are some tricks you can use instead:

  • Use a setting powder over your entire lid before applying any eyeshadow. This will help set everything into place so that your brows, eyeliner, and shadow stay put throughout the day. If you're wearing eye makeup for an event later in the evening, this step can be especially important!

  • Use a brush with synthetic bristles (not natural hair) to apply eyeshadow first—then go back with another brush made from natural hair (like goat) after everything has dried completely so that it blends well together without leaving any lines behind or making uneven patches of color across different shades."

Apply a light wash of shadow under your brow bone.

Apply a light wash of shadow under your brow bone.

The easiest way to apply this is with a brush, rather than your finger. Use the lightest shade in the palette and apply it in an upside-down triangle shape, starting at the corner of your eye (where it meets your nose), working down toward the bridge of your nose and then back up toward your outer eyebrow arch.

This should cover all of that space without any visible lines or edges—it should look like you don’t have any product on there!

Blend, blend, blend.

Blending is the key to a good eye look. It’s also the secret to a natural look, a professional look, and even an edgy and dramatic smoky eye. The way you blend can make or break your eyeshadow application.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to blending is that you want even color distribution across your lid without any harsh lines between colors or creases in your lids where they shouldn’t be.

To achieve this, take some foundation shadow (or concealer if you have none) on either side of the brush and blend together different shades from your palette until there are no obvious transitions between colors anymore—just one beautiful spectrum of color!

Try a gradient look with three shades.

I love gradients. You can use them to create a subtle, natural look or go full-on glam with three shades of your favorite color.

Start by blending out the darker shade first with a medium shade that transitions well into it. Use the lightest color to blend out any harsh lines in this area (this is also where you could add some highlight).

Then, pick up another dark shade and start building up color again on the outer corner of your eye—you’re going for a smoky look here so don’t worry about blending perfectly!

Go for the smoky eye--using just one color.

The smoky eye is a classic look that never gets old. The trick to making this look work for you is to use one color, and make sure it's matte.

A lot of women think that they have to have multiple shades of eyeshadow in order to get the same effect as a smoky eye--but the truth is, you can do the same thing with just one shade!

All you need is a darker color for your crease, a lighter color for your lid and brow bone, and then two different shades: one darker (or black) shade for lining your outer corner of each eye and another darker (or blacker) shade to line your inner corners.

Create depth and dimension by creating two looks on each lid with two different colors or shades.

To create depth and dimension, you can use two different shades of the same color family to create two looks on each lid. Use a darker shade to define the crease, then apply a lighter shade on top of that.

Apply a darker shade along the outer corner of your eye to give it definition, then apply a lighter shade just along your inner corner for emphasis.

Play up the smokiness around your eye.

If you're going for a smoky eye look, use a darker shadow to define the crease of your eye. This will make it easier to create a more defined and dramatic look. Using a light color on top of this will help to enhance the effect and create an even more striking statement.

Go for different intensities over and under your eyelashes to create depth and interest.

To add depth and interest to your eye shadow look, go for different intensities over and under your eyelashes. For example:

  • Use a smoky eye look with a dark color in the crease and a lighter color on the lid. The darkest shade should be applied closest to your lash line, while the lightest should be placed at least half an inch from where you want it to end so it doesn't blend into the crease.

  • Use a lighter color on the lid and a darker color in the crease. This creates drama without being too overpowering or obvious.

  • Use a lighter color on the lid and a lighter one in the crease (or vice versa). This gives off an airy, open-eyed look that's great for every day wear or any occasion!

Play up the gold pigments of this palette to add warmth and light to your look.

If you're worried about bringing out the gold pigments in this palette, play up your eyes with a soft matte brown shade on your lid and then layer on a shimmery highlight on the inner corners of your eye. The result will be a subtle, yet noticeable look that will make you feel more like yourself—the way we all should when wearing makeup.

If you'd rather go bolder, try taking inspiration from Tati's tutorial and use the gold eyeshadows to add warmth to your look as well as light. The best part?

It really doesn't take much to create such an impact: just swirl two colors together using an angled brush and apply them directly onto lids with fingers or sponge applicators (we love Beautyblenders).

Skip glittery highlights on your cheeks; instead, use a shimmering blush for a similar effect as you would using an all-over highlighter.

Skip glittery highlights on your cheeks; instead, use a shimmering blush for a similar effect as you would using an all-over highlighter. A shimmering blush can be applied to the apples of your cheeks and the tops of your cheekbones to create more depth in your look.

Try out some new brow shapes like an angle or dramatic arch and experiment with eyebrow gel to make the shape more defined and to keep it in place all day.

Try out some new brow shapes like an angle or dramatic arch and experiment with eyebrow gel to make the shape more defined and to keep it in place all day.

If you're looking for a dramatic look, try using a cream or gel to fill in sparse brows. Apply the product with the spoolie brush that comes with many kits, and use your fingers to gently blend it into the surrounding hairs so that they look natural.

If you prefer a more natural look, use a powder on its own or over your pencil-fill if necessary—just be sure not to go too heavy-handed with either product!

This amazing eyeshadow palette can help you get many different looks!

So you've got the 35T 35 color taupe eye shadow palette. Now what?

First of all, be sure to use a primer before applying any eyeshadow. This will help your makeup stay on longer and look more vibrant. After that, pick up your favorite color and begin! You can use this palette for anything from a subtle day look to an intense nighttime one.

It's great for beginners because it comes with so many shades that can help you learn how to blend different shades together—but even experienced makeup artists love it because there are so many different looks you can create with just one palette!


We hope you enjoyed this article and found some helpful tips on how to look your best in the 35T. If you want to learn more about color palettes, check out our other posts on the topic here at Makeupdiva.com!

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